Eat Organic Foods, Avoid Pesticide Residues

Eat Organic Foods, Avoid Pesticide Residues

Eat Organic Foods, Avoid Pesticide Residues


The best way minimizing health risks from herbicide and pesticide exposure, including the active and “inactive” ingredients is to avoid them by eating Organic food as much as possible and investing in a good water filtration system for your home or apartment.

If you have been exposed to herbicides and pesticides, the lactic acid bacteria formed during the fermentation of sauerkraut and kimchi may help your body break them down, I eat sauerkraut 1st thing daily

So, including fermented foods in your diet may also be a wise strategy to help detox the pesticides that do enter your body. One of the benefits of eating Organic is that the foods will be free GE (genetically engineered) ingredients, and this is Key to avoiding exposure to toxic ingredients in Monsanto’s (NYSE:MON) Roundup.

Eating locally produced Organic food will not only support your family’s health, it will also protect the environment from harmful chemical pollutants and the inadvertent spread of GE seeds and chemical-resistant weeds and pests.

If you want to avoid consuming residues of Roundup then limit or eliminate processed foods in your diet. Most of them are made with GE crops that are heavily sprayed with Roundup.

Even foods you might not expect can also contain Roundup residues.

An Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) analysis found the highest levels of glyphosate in non-GE crops including bagels, bread and wheat cereal. This, they noted, is likely the result of the common practice of using glyphosate as a desiccant shortly before harvest.

10 out of 24 breakfast foods tested in ANH’s analysis had detectable levels of glyphosate.

This included oatmeal, bagels, coffee creamer, organic bread and even Organic, cage-free, and antibiotic-free eggs. In addition, advocacy group Moms Across America sent 10 Wine samples to be tested for glyphosate. All of the samples tested positive for glyphosate, even Organic Wines, although their levels were significantly lower.

Roundup is not sprayed directly onto grapes in vineyards, but it is often used to spray the ground on either side of the grape vines. A study of glyphosate residues by the Munich Environmental Institute also found glyphosate in 14 best-selling German beers.

All of the beers tested had glyphosate levels above the 0.1 microgram limit allowed in drinking water. Although these studies did not test for the “inert” Roundup ingredients, if glyphosate was detected there’s a good chance their companion additives would be too.

Earlier this year, ANSES, the national health and safety agency in France, also took steps to ban the product. The European Commission (EC) has also proposed banning POEA.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced recently that it plans to monitor food for glyphosate residue but not for POEA, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will not focus on POEA either, simply because it’s not an official active ingredient.

Monsanto must be well aware of the problems, as they have reportedly preparing to transition to other types of surfactants. The fact is, research is mounting that, when it comes to Roundup, the sum of its parts may be even more toxic than glyphosate alone.

For instance: In Y’s 2002 and 2004, studies showed glyphosate-containing herbicides were more likely to cause changes linked to cancer (specifically, cell-cycle dysregulation) than glyphosate alone. In Y 2005, research showed Roundup to be more toxic to rats’ livers than glyphosate alone. And, in Y 2009, various Roundup formulations were found to be more toxic to human umbilical, embryonic and placental cells than glyphosate alone.

The researcher explained: “This clearly confirms that the [inert ingredients] in Roundup formulations are not inert … Moreover, the proprietary mixtures available on the market could cause cell damage and even death [at the] residual levels [found on Roundup-treated crops].”

Scary yes!

Non-GMO Food Resources by Country

If you are searching for non-GMO foods, here is a list of trusted sites you can visit.

If a bug will not eat it, neither should we.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively


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