Duterte a Hero as he Crushes Islamists Rebellion

Duterte a Hero as he Crushes Islamists Rebellion

Duterte a Hero as he Crushes Islamists Rebellion

One hundred days after militants loyal to Islamic State took over parts of a southern Philippine city, the military is confident the end is in sight for what has been its biggest security crisis in years.

After a lightning strike on May 23 on Marawi City, the Dawla Islamiya terrorists ahve held out against daily artillery bombardment and airstrikes by jets and bombers. But now, says Romeo Brawner, deputy commander of the military’s Marawi task force, rebel-held areas are shrinking, and there are signs the fighters are low on food and ammunition, and starting to flag.

“Hopefully, the Marawi siege is going to be over within the next few weeks,” he told reporters. “Their strength continues to decline.” The military has missed repeated targets and deadlines to crush the rebels, whose strength and resolve it accepts it has under-estimated.

Fighting between government forces and Islamic State-inspired terrorists who seized parts of Marawi on May 23 has sent more than 400,000 people fleeing the city and surrounding areas.

Six percent of the displaced are in shelters and the rest are staying with relatives and friends in Iligan City and surrounding communities.

On May 23, 2017, the Maute group attacked the city of Marawi in the Philippines. The attack resulted in the destruction of homes, the deaths and wounding of soldiers, policemen, and civilians, the torching of a mosque, and a hospital being overrun. The former leader of Abu Sayyaf, Isnilon Hapilon was seen with the group during the attack. The attack resulted in President Duterte declaring a state of martial law across the entire island of Mindanao with the possibility that it be expanded nationwide

The Maute brothers, Abdullah and Omarkhayam Romato (known simply as Omar), went from petty small-time criminals to full fledged militant activity when they created Khalifa Islamiah Mindanao in 2012.Image: Photo Sheikh Omar Maute (second from left) and Sheikh Abdullah Maute (possibility 3rd from left) in c. 2012.Pledge to IS April 2015The Maute group pledged to the Islamic State in April 2015. Both the Ansar Al-Khilafah Philippines (AKP, formerly Abu Sayyaf) and Maute group pledged allegiance with the Islamic State and pledged to support each other in fighting the Philippine government.

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