Dubai Plans the World’s 1st Underwater Resort; The Floating Venice

Dubai Plans the World’s 1st Underwater Resort; The Floating Venice

Arrive by seaplane, check-in at the underwater lobby and take a Venetian Gondola to your cabin before heading to a floating beach for a swim.

  • Stunning images reveal plans to create a replica of Venice in the United Arab Emirates
  • The Floating Venice will be located in The World in Dubai islands, 4km offshore from Dubai
  • The resort will be the world’s 1st 5-star floating destination
  • The development will bring ‘the charm, serenity and culture of Venice to the tranquil shores of Dubai’

If you have taken in the unique and original beauty of Venice you may be thinking it is a place that cannot be matched.

But, developers in the Middle East beg to differ as they unveil plans to recreate the Italian City famous for its complex canals and gondolas with a replica version of it in Dubai.

The Floating Venice will be the world’s 1st 5-star floating destination aiming to bring ‘the charm, serenity and culture of Venice to the tranquil shores of Dubai’.

While the project by the Kleindeinst Group is  in the early planning stages, the vision is clearly ambitious.

The resort will not only resemble the original Venice, with a canal network, gondolas imported from Italy and even a replica of its most famous square Piazza San Marco, but will also boast a luxury underwater world consisting of cabins, bars, shops and restaurants.

The resort will cost a staggering $680-M to construct, and will in essence create an aquatic city just off the Dubai coastline.

It would not be a Venetian-themed resort without Gondolas, and there will be plenty of them imported from Venice to transport guests from the lobby to their cabin, through winding canals.

There will be up to 414 bespoke cabins throughout the resort, and if you were worried might be trapped in a resort out at sea, you need not.

Not only will there be a dozen restaurants and bars offering up top-quality entertainment and dining, 3 of which will be underwater, there will also be 24 swimming pools, some of which will have transparent plastic bases so you can observe the 400,000 sqt of coral being planted around the site, which has been nurtured from a specially curated coral nursery, thus encouraging a range of sea life to the site.

If that’s not enough, there will be 12 floating beaches set against the backdrop of Dubai skyline. Construction is set to begin in Q-1 of Y 2018, and due to complete by Q-4 of Y 2020, and looks set to be 1 of the most ambitious hotel launches ever.

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