Dubai Aims to Boost FDI

Dubai Aims to Boost FDI

Dubai FDI, the investment development agency of the Department of Economic Development, DED, has revealed the continuing expansion of enhanced services for its “Aftercare” initiative, a quality-focussed programme aimed at attracting more foreign direct investments, FDI, into the emirate.

The programme was developed by Dubai FDI as a means to further enhance the investor’s journey via the provision of all means necessary to ensure customer success and satisfaction upon the establishment of their investment projects in Dubai.

The initiative was in response to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to create stronger and improved engagement with investors, while also creating a better understanding of their current and future needs and helping ease the investment process.

According to Dubai FDI senior officials, the “Aftercare” programme is expected to provide a big push to increasing more FDI into the emirate, which currently makes up 7.1 percent of Dubai’s total gross domestic product, GDP, based on official statistics included in the Dubai Investment Observatory 2017 report issued by Dubai FDI.

Dubai FDI has been working to further boost the sector by positioning Dubai as a global leader in ease of doing business and as the preferred foreign investment destination. Dubai FDI stated that 20 percent of FDI investments in local projects are from reinvestments, which reflects investors’ trust in the emirate as an ideal business environment to multiply growth.

The programme is also a testament to the investment development agency’s proactive approach to providing investors with growth and advisory services on how to effectively tap opportunities within the emirate, consistent with the goals embodied in the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 to become an important hub in the global economy.

Salah Rashid Al Ansari, Adviser of the Aftercare and Investors Relations, Dubai FDI, said, “Dubai FDI spares no effort in finding ways to connect and reach out to investors as part of our overall strategy in spurring FDI development in the emirate.

“We look forward to further strengthening Dubai’s attractiveness to FDI, as the UAE maintains its reputation as one of the 10 most competitive countries in the world. We are driven to uphold and further raise our profile by ensuring investors have the right information and are given the utmost attention to pursuing their business in the country through the ‘Aftercare’ programme. It is part of our keen efforts to strengthen and keep a positive relationship with our investors,” Al Ansari said.

He further stressed that the “Aftercare” programme will contribute in the efforts to build a modern database and network of strategic investors including an up-to-date list of their current and future investment interests. The database is poised to serve as a reliable and rich source of information that can help open new investment opportunities, which can drive up the development and diversification of the UAE economy.

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