Dubai Speeding Policy Unlike Other Cities

Dubai Speeding Policy Unlike Other Cities

The Dubai Police have rubbished rumours about waiving traffic fines. After a photo of a message received by a Saudi visitor from the department went viral on social media. The message suggested that the man was involved in a speeding violation, but wasn’t fined.

According to, Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qassim, director of the Dubai Police security media department, said that the photo of the message that went viral is not a recent one. Adding that it was an initiative launched 10 years ago to spread happiness among Dubai visitors.

He explained that the Dubai Police logo on the message is old.

The message the Saudi visitor received said the following. “Dear motorist, the Dubai Police welcome you as a guest and visitor of Dubai, and wish you a fruitful stay. We are sorry to tell you that a traffic radar has detected you speeding. Although it is a violation of traffic law, we won’t issue you a ticket, because we wish for your safety, not to fine you.”

Colonel Faisal said all social media users should never share or spread rumours or false news from unofficial sources. Stressing that the Dubai Police announce all initiatives on its official channels, on the social media and its website.

He added that in February, the Dubai Police launched an initiative to waive of all fines for motorists if they didn’t commit any violations in a year.

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