‘Draining the Swamp’, President Trump to Revamp State

‘Draining the Swamp’, President Trump to Revamp State

‘Draining the Swamp’, President Trump to Revamp State

President Donald Trump has plans to revamp the State Department

“My suspicion is that within the White House, particularly amongst the nationalist faction… that this seems to actually be a concerted effort to diminish the role of the State Department in U.S. foreign policy and hamper its abilities to pursue policies that would be considered overly globalist,” Stewart Patrick, policy planning staff member during George W. Bush (43) administration, said Friday

Rob Berschinski, deputy assistant secretary of state during The Hussein Obama Admin said: “People are both flabbergasted and really distraught at what they think is a department being undermined from the inside.”

A possible restructuring could merge the State Department with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), an independent agency that the Secretary of State guides.

“My one sense is that the knives are out for USAID in the White House,” Gordon Adams, national security and foreign policy budget official during The Clinton Administration, said.

“It is top-to-bottom a dismissing of the State Department. This is about the most systematic dismantling of a federal department that I’ve witnessed.”

The Trump Administration plans have included a State Department budget cut of nearly 30% and a House committee proposal addressed that cut Wednesday, proposing a 14% cut.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson commissioned a study among State Department and USAID employees and one common theme in the report said employees believe there is “absence of a clear vision of the future.”

A White House official said: “The President was elected to shake up Washington, not continue business as usual. He’s promised to spend more at home and less abroad and his budget reflects that.

President Trump, Drain the Swamp!

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