Dorian Shifts Northeast, Now Aimed at the Carolinas and Georgia

Dorian Shifts Northeast, Now Aimed at the Carolinas and Georgia

Hurricane Dorian bore down on the northwestern Bahamas as a Cat-4 storm Saturday, as new projections curved upward enough to spare Florida a direct hit while still threatening it with powerful winds and storm surge.

Forecasters Saturday said the ever-strengthening Dorian is expected to move up the Southeast coastline, staying just offshore of Florida and skirting the coast of Georgia, with the possibility of landfall still a threat Wednesday, and then continuing up to South Carolina early Thursday.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said the risk of “strong winds and life-threatening storm surge” will increase along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts by the middle of next week.

The center stressed that does not mean Dorian packing 145 mph winds will not hit Florida, with large portions of the state in its cone of uncertainty forecast.

But, after days of a forecast that put the Sunshine State and President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in the center of expected landfalls, the changes are significant.

“It is going to be pretty scary because you’re going to have this gigantic hurricane sitting off the coast of Florida and it’s not going to move,” said a private meteorologist, but with the storm slowing and likely to turn North he added: “The worst effects of a direct landfall are not in the forecast.

At this point the track the hurricane center is issuing is not the catastrophe that could happen, which is good,” he said Saturday

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