Don’t Let Your Love of Wine Bust Your Diet

Don’t Let Your Love of Wine Bust Your Diet

Don’t Let Your Love of Wine Bust Your Diet

The Big Q: Do you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or when unwinding at the end of a long day, but wonder how its calories are affecting your diet?

The Big A: As with everything you eat and drink, it comes down to how big and how much.

The Key is limiting yourself to one 5-oz serving a day if a woman, 2 if a man. This is also the safe limit in terms of healthy alcohol consumption.

Just 1 serving of Red wine has about 125 calories, with 100 calories for White.

These calories quickly add up if you refill your glass, they are not filling and have no nutritional value. So, it’s important that you do not spend too much of your daily caloric limit on wine (beer, whiskey or whisky).

To stretch a 5-oz serving, switch to a smaller wine glass and pour just 2 or 3 oz’s to start that leaves you some scope for a refill.

Remember the tried-and-true trick of adding club soda or seltzer to wine to make a spritzer. Or mix in an equal amount of no-calorie lemonade and 2 orange slices for a simple sangria.

Remember, always sip not gulp.

If you like to cook with wine because of the flavor it imparts, keep in mind that the alcohol and its calories may not all burn off as many people think. How much is left depends on the cooking method you use and the amount of time the dish cooks for.

So, sip slowly and wine will not be a diet buster.

Have a terrific weekend,

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