Don’t Let Jussie Smollett Stop You from Working Towards a Better America

Don’t Let Jussie Smollett Stop You from Working Towards a Better America

It seems more than likely Jussie Smollett is either an idiot on his own or an idiot serving the Political interests of his Democrat Party buddies, but either way you can not buy in to the extremism of American Politics.

There is no doubt Jussie Smollett set out to create racial tensions and grind the political axe of his associates, anti-white, pro-gay blah blah in an attack aimed directly at the President of the United States. He and his co-conspirators that most likely include very senior Democrats are to blame and solely to blame, not White people, not the President, not Black people and not Gays, just the twisted minds of a few.

Politics has left the rails in the USA.

Socialism has made a massive resurgence in the USA with Leaders like Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders preaching the virtues of the most evil and destructive force the world has ever known, Socialism.

You can’t blame the Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Whites, Rich or any other minority for whatever perceived woes you believe exists in the Country, from the outside the USA looks to be doing pretty well.

Nor can you use it as an excuse to to dismiss real injustices in America, everyone must continue working toward a non-discriminatory society.

You can not brand a Politician a racist for enforcing immigration laws by building a wall or deporting illegal aliens. If the Democratic Party wants a change to the immigration law to allow free movement from Mexico to the USA they should have that as part of their platform, not support a porous border and the highly dangerous process of if you sneak in you can stay, if you get killed along the way bad luck.

A lot of what is coming out of the Democratic Party is Nonsense, ideas that appeal to the masses but have no basis in fact, a lot of what is coming from the Republican Party is being used as justification for discrimination, people need to spend more time looking at the real issues and understanding what is being said, not listening to sound bytes and looking at Memes on Social Media.

Social Media is a platform that allows those in control of it to dictate your perception on the world, and it is a false perception, if you were to publish every crime committed only by Black men, there would be a surge in racist rhetoric, if the same was done and only the crimes of White men were published there would be a backlash against them. Social Media and Mainstream Media are experts at this manipulation.

In reality i think there are very few White men scared to walk the street in case they are attacked by White men, I do not think there are many White men scared to walk the street in fear of Black men.

The narrative from the media is a falsehood, do not accept it, continue to work towards a fair, racially inclusive society.

A society created by Americans for Americans, that is not a Society of Socialism, Sharia Law but a Society built upon the constitution.

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  1. Paul Ebeling   February 19, 2019 at 11:52 am

    Mate, Fox had no comment on Smollett’s scenes being cut, nor would confirm any such reports, as first noted by TMZ earlier Tuesday. Reps for the now well lawyered-up Smollett did not return request for comment. He will likely be charged and they will throw the book at him! Paul

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