Donald Trump’s Ultimate Success

Donald Trump’s Ultimate Success

As the president seizes on policy wins and seeks to turn the Russia spotlight on Obama and the press, some experts say liberals are in for a rude awakening.

Sgy Michael Verardo, who lost an arm and a leg while serving with the US army in Afghanistan in 2010, says he was failed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He had to wait 57 days to get his prosthetic leg fixed and three and a half years for adaptations to his home. But then came Donald Trump.

“Thank you, President Trump and [Veterans Affairs] Secretary [David] Shulkin for ensuring that we are not forgotten and that we will receive the care we need and deserve,” Verardo said at the White House recently.

Trump, signing an act to protect VA whistleblowers, revelled in the moment, using his fingers to mime a gun and mouthing his catchphrase “You’re fired!” at Shulkin. Then he smiled: “We will never use those words on you, that’s for sure.”

The audience in the East Room laughed dutifully. This is the parallel universe that Trump occupies whenever he can, a universe of achievements, applause and adoration, a safe space where he is monarch of all he surveys and his punchlines land. In his version of Washington, he is the Henry V-style man of action to Barack Obama’s indecisive, cripplingly intellectual Hamlet.

Trump’s self-belief appears to get a shot in the arm from every victory, real or imagined. This may go some way to explaining why, even as his approval ratings fall off a cliff and some call for his impeachment, he sees no reason to course-correct, as he and a noisy caucus around him seem to become ever more self-righteous.

Overall this means even though it seems like trump is hated, that point of view is coming from the mainstream media. Where people have no clue what Trump really does, and how he has already helped America. But the ones around Trump, his family and his co-workers, the ones who deal with the real life issues, and actually have a PhD. They love him, support him, and they see the huge changes that are to come are extremely beneficial. It’s time for middle class workers to have an independent mind and look up the facts openly. Plus try not to be a socialist.

After little more than a month in office, President Trump’s sweeping tax-cutting reforms have had a huge impact on the economy, both here and abroad.

In anticipation of across-the-board, revenue neutral tax legislation, U.S. stock markets have shot up to historic gains, signaling that Congress is preparing to shake off eight painful years of economic lethargy under President Obama and shift into a higher, pro-growth gear.

The Dow Jones industrial average was nearing 21,000 this week, a level that seemed inconceivable over the past decade, with other indexes rising sharply, too. That also triggered strong advances in Europe as well.

Don’t let the Democrats fool you into believing that the stock market’s rise is only benefiting the rich. Millions of middle income Americans whose employers offer IRA’s, 401(k)s and other retirement plans are benefiting as well from the stock market’s surge.

Tax reform is still a work in progress and will be ready and acted upon sometime in August. Tax reductions for businesses large and small, and for all individual taxpayers, remained the administration’s highest priority. Treasury officials crunching the numbers on all aspects of the plan, saying that he was confident it will lead to 3 percent economic growth, or even higher. That is a pace the Obama economy never fully reached throughout its interminably sluggish eight-year record that seemed perpetually frozen in an anemic 2 percent range. The U.S. economy grew by a pathetic 1.6 percent during his last year in office.

It’s not uncommon for a Republican to be pro-business. But President-elect Donald Trump showed Tuesday night he’s pro-worker, too, by saving 1,000 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana. His standing up for the blue-collar workers who helped get him elected is no small feat, even for the very accomplished billionaire, who has a long record of delivering under budget and on time. Trump has kept his promises to working Americans — and proving their trust in him wasn’t misplaced. The Republicans may not have known what they had in Trump; the mainstream media and Beltway bureaucrats certainly didn’t. But the blue-collar voting base liked what it saw and now likes what it has. Real, tangible victories, and he hasn’t even held office for long.

Meaningful tax cuts for both business and blue-collar and white-collar taxpayers will make the calculus of leaving America to do business elsewhere less advantageous. As will the rollback and replacement of stupid growth-constricting regulations. America has won with a billionaire businessman who gets down to business before even being sworn in.

Trump isn’t waiting until January to work to turn the economy around, and that’s a major problem for the Democrats.

Working hard is in, hardly working is out. In Indiana and the rest of America, happiness just trumped hope.

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