Donald Trump: New World Order, aka “Trumpism”

Donald Trump: New World Order, aka “Trumpism”

Donald Trump: New World Order, aka “Trumpism”


The first hint of Donald Trump’s vision of a New World Order came when he said in a speech during the primaries that NATO was “obsolete.” The UK Independent wrote about that speech,

As currently constituted, he says, NATO is ill-suited to combating international terrorism, which is for him the world’s “single biggest threat”. He especially objects to the US footing so much of the bill, saying that other allies should “pay up or get out”, and refuses to see the US as the “world’s policeman”. As he told a town hall meeting in Wisconsin: “Maybe NATO will dissolve and that’s OK, not the worst thing in the world.”

As a result of that speech, NATO is currently being drastically overhauled.

President-elect Donald J. Trump spoke by telephone with Taiwan’s president a couple of weeks ago, thereby breaking with nearly four decades of diplomatic practice. Beijing was not pleased. Trump, during the campaign, continually complained about what China does to undermine the US.

He has  characterized climate change as a “Chinese Hoax,” designed to undermine the American economy. He has criticized China for its manipulation of its currency to America’s disadvantage. And he has threatened to impose a heavy tariff on Chinese goods, a proposal that critics said would set off a trade war.

So it would appear that the phone call is part of a negotiating strategy.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has had mostly good things to say about Vladimir Putin. Dick Morris in a recent podcast, said that Trump is trying to do what Nixon did with his China Policy, namely undermine the USSR, only in reverse.  Trump is getting ready to put the squeeze on China for a better deal and he wants Putin on his side. Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, is there to grease the wheels among other things.

So, what else is Donald Trump planning?

Caroline Glick in a recent column wrote: Since 1948 the US has refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – or even as part of Israel. This policy of nonrecognition – embodied by the US refusal to transfer the US Embassy to Jerusalem – has been maintained by a bipartisan consensus despite the fact that for the past 20 years, US law has required the State Department to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the embassy to Jerusalem. (snip) his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said Trump is serious about moving the embassy to Jerusalem.”

Poof, another Sacred Cow in the cross hairs.

Donald Trump is also on record as being open to alternatives to the Two-State Solution and even to Israel building in Judea and Samaria. He is obviously prepared to demolish Sacred Cows.

Last week, Alan Dershowitz was in in Jerusalem expounding on the US elections and on the President Elect.

He said that we can predict with 100% certainty that it, the Trump Administration, is unpredictable.  I beg to differ. We know a great deal about the future Trump policies by looking at the background of each appointee. They were for the most part made to order to fulfill his intended policies.

One of the first appointments he made was Gen. Michael Flynn as the National Security Adviser.  Flynn believes fervently that radical Islamists and their ideology must be defeated.  In fact, he has written a book, Field of Fight, on the subject.  Flynn, who doesn’t need the Senate’s consent, got to work immediately.

DEBKA : According to our sources, a special team is already working on revisions of the accord which the US and five other global powers concluded with Iran in 2015 in the hope of retarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program by a decade.

As new president, Trump will issue Tehran with a unilateral demand to accept those revisions as pre-condition for the continuation of relations between the US and Iran. He does not intend consulting America’s co-signers, Russia, China, Germany, Britain and France, or asking them for their endorsement of the revamped accord.

The teams preparing the Trump administration’s Iran policy were put in place last week by Tillerson and designated national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

My Key takeaway from this is that Donald Trump plays hardball. He is demanding the Iran accept the revised deal or he will sever relations.

He did not have to be so aggressive with Canada or Mexico, both of whom have agreed to renegotiate NAFTA for fear of  Donald Trump cancelling NAFTA.

The Palestinian Authority doesn’t know it yet but it may soon get an ultimatum. Stop the incitement, stop appeals to international bodies and come to the negotiating table ready for painful concessions, or, the PA will be replaced. I don’t have inside information on this. It is purely conjecture. But, I believe such an ultimatum would be in line with what Donald Trump wants to achieve and with his negotiating style. If the PA refuses, The US and Israel will decide between themselves.

Mr. Dershowitz also showed preference to the Gulf States suggesting that we do not want to alienate them by the deal we push.

Why so?

Because Mr. Obama did not think twice about throwing them under the bus when he made the Iran Deal. And they still come running. In fact, the Gulf States need the US more. Similarly, in pushing for a solution to the PA/Israel conflict Donald Trump should not take them into account. They will still need the US and Israel to deal with Iran.

Donald Trump, in pursuance of energy independence, wants to enable the exploitation of all America’s energy resources including coal and shale. Thus, he has to dismantle or weaken considerably many of the regulations of the EPA. With this in mind he has appointed Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.  What recommended Mr. Pruitt for the job is the fact that as AG of Oklahoma he has been fighting the EPA for years. What better man to dismantle it?

Gaining energy independence is a major part of Donald Trump’s foreign policy and that’s where Rex Tillerson comes in handy.

Donald Trump wants to replace Saudi Arabia as the world’s top supplier of energy. He also sees that Iran wants to become a rival in this role now that it has the money to develop its own resources, courtesy of Mr. Obama, and it also has control of Iraq’s resources, also courtesy of Mr. Obama. Donald Trump will not permit this to happen.

Russia’s economy is dependent on the price of Crude Oil. It is under great economic pressure now due to western sanctions for her Ukraine adventures, the low price of Crude Oil and the cost of the Syrian war.  Thus, Russia will be more amenable to Donald Trump’s demands.

Perhaps President Elect Trump will get Russia to throw Iran under the bus. He could offer them Alawite Syria and Crimea, for instance.

Donald Trump’s New World Order is only beginning to take shape, but we can be relative safe in assuming it will be built on to mottos of President Ronald Reagan. “Peace through strength” and “We win; they lose.”  He appointed USMC General “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense to underscore his resolve.

Welcome to Trump’s New World Order aka Trumpism.

Paul Ebeling, Editor


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