Donald Trump’s “Gettysburg Address”

Donald Trump’s “Gettysburg Address”

Donald Trump’s “Gettysburg Address”

After listening the speech, GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump affirmed the multitude of changes he will make in his 1st 100 days, I was amazed to hear the naysayers from the WS-J.

And all the talking heads on the Fox Cable News network, want to talk about is “grope-gate” and the polls and how Donald Trump is going to lose the election on November 8.

Meanwhile, Hillary met with representatives of Black Lives Matter promising the following;

  1. That Black Lives Matters will be able to further their work to reduce police effectiveness with the ultimate goal of anarchy,
  2. Vowing to make sure that government grows bigger and more money is taken from the citizens of the USA to fund corporate lobbyists and their clients
  3. Promising to get the US into more wars that have no end and have nothing to do with US interests such as Libya and Syria, and
  4. Declaring that Barack Hussein’s Obamacare will be fixed and it will end up in chaos and death just like the VA.

There is a huge difference in these candidates Donald Trump is for smaller government, fewer regulation, energy independence, small business, capital appreciation, re-establishment of the American middle class, in other words The People.

Hillary Clinton is for big government controlled by the political establishment elite, that included the Bush era Republicans, and the progressive, socialist Democrats. Her plan raises taxes, federal deficits, kills more good paying blue-collar jobs, and further erodes the strength of out Nation on the world stage.  Her plan, the continuation of Mr. Obama’s is to re-inslave poor Black Americans and drive what is left of the American middle class into heavy debt slavery as the American coal miners experienced in the 19th Century.

America’s voters must say Yes to Donald Trump and No to Hillary Clinton on Election Day. Vote to make America great again.

Trumpeting for Trump

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