Donald Trump’s Campaign Comments Have Not Hurt His Businesses

Donald Trump’s Campaign Comments Have Not Hurt His Businesses

Donald Trump’s Campaign Comments Have Not Hurt His Businesses

Lawyers for Donald Trump say the controversial comments he has been and continues to make while running for the GOP’s US Presidential nomination have caused business to increase at his hotels and their restaurants to grow, not shrink, just as Washington celebrity chef Jose Andres has stated.

The presumptive GOP nominee is in the process of suing Chef Andres for $10-M, after he and fellow chef Geoffrey Zakarian announced last year they were backing out of their plans to open restaurants in Trump’s Old Post Office Pavilion Building project in Washington DC, after Donald Trump made his election-announcement comments about Mexico sending criminals and rapists into the United States.

Chef Andres’ team has counter sued Mr. Trump for $8%, saying that his comments would drive away business by at least 12% a claim that is being proven wrong.

According to an analysis by industry expert Roger Cline, the Trump Team said, the data from before and after Mr. Trump’s political statements show that 5 of the 6 Trump-branded hotels in the nation are performing well, and the restaurants in them are performing better too.

Donald Trump’s entry into the Republican race for President was a business bonanza for him, a recent federal financial filing provided a snapshot of the billionaire’s widespread operations, from real estate to golf courses, and licensing deals to management businesses.

Donald Trump’s disclosure form filed last July showed his holdings brought in revenue of $362-M in Y 2014 and 1-H of Y 2015, the campaign said in a statement.

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