Donald Trump, “I will win, with or without GOP unity.”

Donald Trump, “I will win, with or without GOP unity.”

Donald Trump, “I will win, with or without GOP unity.”

Friday, Donald Trump Friday poured cold water the notion that he will need GOP party unity to win the White House this Fall, while speaking to party members at the California Republican Party Convention.

“Folks, I am a conservative, but at this point, who cares?” said Donald Trump. “We got to straighten out the country.”

The GOP front-runner said that he is interested in healing the Republican Party and about California and the 7 June primary.

He seemed to be impatient about getting along with his critics, but he predicted that ideally they would come together, but he believes he will win “even if we’re not together. There are some people I honestly don’t want their endorsement.”

Then he said “there should be and there has to be unity,” adding, “Would I win, can I win without it? I think so.”

He noted that Carly Fiorina had no “no votes” when she dropped her bid, said he does not care if Jeb Bush endorses him, and again referred to John Kasich’s slovenly eating habits.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has changed his tone towards Donald Trump, saying Friday his “performance has improved significantly.”

According to the press, the Florida Senator has yet to endorse a candidate, and told Univision last week that it appeared that Donald Trump will lock down the GOP Presidential nomination.

Senator Rubio noted that his “differences with Trump are well documented,” saying in a radio interview that will  support the Republican nominee no matter who it is, “and that’s especially true now that it is apparent that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic candidate.”

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