Donald Trump, will not tolerate “Hypocrisy on the Women’s Issue.”

Donald Trump, will not tolerate “Hypocrisy on the Women’s Issue.”

Donald Trump, will not tolerate “Hypocrisy on the Women’s Issue.”

Paul Manafort defending the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s attacks on both Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, says that Donald Trump will not tolerate “hypocrisy on the women’s issue.”

In a TV interview the convention manager for Donald Trump demurred from elaborating on Mr. Trump’s declaration Saturday that “Hillary was an enabler” to a husband “who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics,” and that “some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them…”

“Donald Trump has made it very clear he’s not going to allow hypocrisy on the women’s issue,” Mr. Manafort declared. “He’s not going to let Hillary make the case that she’s this defender of women’s rights.”

But Wallace countered: “That’s not what I asked. I asked you, what did Hillary Clinton do to those women? He says she destroyed their lives. How?”

Donald Trump made it very clear, he is not going to let hypocrisy exist on the women’s issue. He is not anti-women, he is very pro-women, he has proven it in his business life.

And proven it more so than Hillary Clinton, because he has proven it with actions, not words. So for Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to go after him on being anti-women, expect him to go back and talk about some of the things that Hillary did that are less consistent as far as being pro-women.

Paul Manafort also defended Mr. Trump’s Twitter War with the Democratic Massachusetts lawmaker, who last week tweeted she’d “fight my heart out” to stop Trump’s “toxic stew of hatred and insecurity” from getting to the White House.

Mr. Manafort said in the case of both Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Warren, Trump is “taking on a fight with politicians who are using political terms and being hypocrites about it.”

“As far as the women’s issue is concerned, that’s exactly the point he’s making,” Mr. Manafort asserted. “He is not going to allow Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to hide behind their sex to make cases that are just hypocritical.”

“The statements that she was making, they were totally out of bounds and Trump gave it back to her. She can’t take it, that is her problem.”

Donald Trump Puts America First

A strong majority of voters believe in an America First foreign policy and feel the nation should put its own interests ahead of those of other countries, a new poll revealed Monday.

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