Donald Trump Will Not “Sack” Congressional Leaders

Donald Trump Will Not “Sack” Congressional Leaders

Donald Trump Will Not “Sack” Congressional Leaders

Donald Trump is assuring  big GOP donors that he is committed to keeping the 2 most senior establishment Republicans in their congressional leadership rolls.

He has pledged he will not oust House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The reassurances are a window into Mr. Trump’s effort to convince establishment Republicans that he’s not trying to hijack the party’s infrastructure and that he will cooperate with other party leaders when elected President.

Donald Trump has made a commitment to working with Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell to the big donors

Mr. Ryan’s holdout has led to speculation that Mr. Trump, might support the primary challenger in Mr. Ryan’s home district, or to try to orchestrate a coup inside the Republican caucus to oust Senator McConnell.

Senator McConnell has expressed measured support for Donald Trump, but Speaker Ryan says he wants assurances about the candidate’s commitment to conservative values.

It would be unusual for a President to try to orchestrate a change of his party’s leaders in Congress.

Those kinds of moves usually are prompted by internal pressure in a party’s caucus, or following an electoral defeat, not from the Executive branch.

Donald Trump has done “a good job” unifying Republicans RNC Communications Director and Chief Strategist Sean Spicer said Wednesday.

Though, Tuesday night Donald Trump said on TV that he does not need the endorsements of establishment party members to win the Presidency.

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