Donald Trump, “I Will Not Personally Attack Hillary unless….”

Donald Trump, “I Will Not Personally Attack Hillary unless….”

Donald Trump, “I Will Not Personally Attack Hillary unless….”

Donald Trump said it is not his “intention” to make his attacks personal against Hillary Clinton during their first presidential debate, asserting it all depends if the Democratic nominee treats him with “respect.”

In a telephone interview the GOP nominee said he is not worried about his debate strategy.

“People want to see if you, Donald Trump, are going to take Hillary Clinton apart in a very personal way. Are you?” the host asked.

“I have absolutely no idea,” he said. “I think this: If she treats me with respect, I will treat her with respect. It really depends. . . . That would be my intention.”

Pressed about how he would react if Mrs. Clinton “baits you into trying to say something inappropriate or explosive or controversial,” Donald Trump said he was not worried, and he could just as easily “bait her.”

“I can talk about her deleting e-Mails after she gets a subpoena from Congress,” he said. “Lots of other things. . . . I can talk about her record, which is a disaster. I can talk about all she has done to help ISIS to become the terror they have become.”

It is open season on Hillary Clinton beginning in earnest Monday night 26 September.

The 3 1st debate topics “America’s Direction,” “Achieving Prosperity,” and “Securing America,” as per the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Donald Trump’s recent rise in the polls has prompted Democrats to go into panic mode.

Carrying the subject line “5 STATES LOST,” an e-Mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asks supporters to donate to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


“We can’t believe this is happening”  Believe it Hillary!

Trumpeting for Trump


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