Donald Trump, “I want to run against Hillary”

Donald Trump, “I want to run against Hillary”

Donald Trump, “I want to run against Hillary”

Just after clinching the GOP’s presidential nomination Wednesday night, Donald Trump spoke out to US President Barack Hussein Obama for refusing to call on Hillary Clinton to quit the Democratic race because of the email scandal.

“I sort of like her in the race,” Donald Trump said of Mrs. Clinton to reporters at a news conference in Bismark, ND “I want to run against her.

“This is all bad judgment,” he continued, surrounded by North Dakota delegates that handed him the nomination. “Probably illegal. We’ll have to find out what the FBI says about it.

“I just read the report. It is devastating. The report, it’s devastating. It is a very, very harsh report.

“It’s shocking to see what she did and really more than anything else it is bad judgment, and it’s up to her whether or not she wants to continue running.”

The North Dakota delegates handed Donald Trump the 1,237 he needed to win the Republican nomination.

In the primary process Donald Trump beat back 17 challengers that brought record voter turnout in races around the country.

“I’m honored,” Donald Trump said of reaching the milestone.

“The thing I think I’m most fond of … we were supposed to be going into July — and people said it wouldn’t be solved in the convention,” he added. “Here I am watching Hillary fight, and she cannot close the deal. That should be such an easy deal to close.

“But she is unable to close the deal, so I’m watching her and we’ll see what happens.”

Regarding a VP pick, Donald Trump said that it was “likely” that he would consider a woman or minority running mate countering a report quoting campaign manager Paul Manafort, who said such a move would be seen as “pandering.”

“I think it’s likely we would have somebody — and we don’t do it for any specific reason,” he said. “We are looking for absolute competence.

“I fully expect that we will have many women involved. I have had it with the campaign … and I think that you are going to see that and strongly. So I look forward to it.”

He said that Mr. Manafort was “misquoted a couple of times” in the report. “He has been a lot.

“But we will have competent women involved at the absolute highest levels.”

Also, Donald Trump said Thursday he wants to debate Bernie Sanders and hopefully raise $10-M for a women’s charity in doing so.

“I’d love to debate Bernie. He’s a dream, Mr. Trump said during a press conference in Bismarck, ND

Bernie Sanders likes the idea, and Tweeted “Game On” Thursday.

Trumpeting for Trump

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