Donald Trump, “Voter ID Laws Prevent Fraud”

Donald Trump, “Voter ID Laws Prevent Fraud”

Donald Trump, “Voter ID Laws Prevent Fraud”

Donald Trump has added details to his general claim that the November election might be rigged, saying that the recent court cases nationwide that have struck down restrictive laws mandating voters to show identification will lead to fraud.

“You don’t have to have voter ID to now go in and vote, and it is scary. I have heard a lot of bad things,” Donald Trump said. “I mean, people are going to walk in, they are going to vote 10 times maybe.”

Donald Trump emphasized that vigilance will be very needed to keep everyone honest. “I hope the Republicans are going to be very watchful, and I hope the authorities are going to be very watchful too,” he said.

Polls have shown a sharp decline in the last decade in the trust the American public has in the fairness and transparency of the voting system.


Republicans generally claim that voter ID laws prevent fraud, but Democrats say these restrictions are meant to make it more difficult for those who heavily vote Democratic to cast their ballot, such as Blacks and Latinos with no ID’s, registrations and perhaps no citizenship, meaning “stuffing the ballot box” and that is voter fraud.

Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort said Wednesday that Donald Trump is in control of his campaign, and is not offering an endorsement of money for House Speaker Paul Ryan or Senator John McCain (AZ).

“I’m in control of doing the things he wants me to do in the campaign,” Mr. Manafort said in a TV interview Wednesday.

Paul Ryan took some time before endorsing Donald Trump, even after it was apparent he would be the GOP nominee. Mr. Trump looks to be returning the favor.

On John McCain: “I haven’t endorsed John McCain. I’ve never been there with John McCain because I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets, Trump said. “He has not done a good job for the Vets and I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the Vets. So I’ve always had a difficult time with John for that reason, because our Vets are not being treated properly. They’re not being treated fairly.”

It is time for John McCain to go (the statement and emphasis is mine)

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