Under Donald Trump the US GDP Will Grow as in the ‘Reagan Era’

Under Donald Trump the US GDP Will Grow as in the ‘Reagan Era’

Under Donald Trump the US GDP Will Grow as in the ‘Reagan Era’

Donald Trump as US President will not push the US economy into a Recession when he wins the Oval Office in November.

Some prominent economists are now saying that Mr. Trump’s plan is the best for the economy since the reforms enacted by Ronald Reagan. and I was around for them, up front an close.

Recently Moody’s Analytics said Donald Trump’s plans would cause nearly 3.5-M job losses and sink the country into a longer downturn than the Great Recession of 2008-09.

Note: the lead author of the Moody’s report, economist Mark Zandi, is a prominent supporter of Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign.

Moody’s findings are based on flawed assumptions and gross misrepresentations of Donald Trump’s economic  policies,” said an economics professor at the UC-Irvine and a policy adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign.

Donald Trump’s economic platform has 3 Key elements, they are, as follows:

  1. A large tax cut for all individuals and businesses
  2. A tougher trade policy and,
  3. Immigration reform.

Moody’s Mr. Zandi underestimated the benefits of the tax cuts. And ignores that Donald Trump says he will make the necessary spending cuts so the plan does not add to the National debt, currently at about $21-T.

What will happen with Donald Trump’s tax package is that it will significantly stimulate out nations GDP (gross domestic product) growth, the rate of job creation, and the tax revenues raised much as Ronald Reagan supply side tax reforms did in the 1980’s.

Remember, that Warren Buffet reminded us this past week, that “the outcome of November’s Presidential election is unlikely to change the fact that the US is a “remarkably attractive place in which to conduct a business.”

US companies have enjoyed terrific ROE (return on equity) despite a sustained period of ultra-low interest rates.

Savvy business people like Steven Machat, 64 anni, (I:FL), from South Florida, who recently entered the US Senate race US Senate Race (http://machat4senate.com/Vs Senator Marco Rubio (R) said in a recent interview,  “I’m a salesman. I’ve sold myself my whole life. Donald Trump’s not the only one who can say ‘Come on down, let’s make a deal.’ No, there’s others that could do it and I would make a deal.”

And rekindle the quest for the American Dream

I build teams, I make dreams (happen). I have done it my whole life and I want to do it before my life ends.”

To secure a US Senate win in November the former Republican now running as an independent, Steven Machat, must garner more votes than Republican incumbent Marco Rubio, Democrats Patrick Murphy, Alan Grayson, and Pam Keith, as well as 5 other independent candidates who have thrown “hats in the ring.”

“The fact is that certain financial fundamentals have been negatively affected over the last few decades because legislation from a do-as-little-as-possible Congress that is controlled by the special interests the have bought and run both parties,” he said

Mr. Machat says that healthcare is a right and not a privilege, and stresses that a good education is fundamental for success in achieving the American Dream.

Internationally he is known as an entertainment lawyer, record producer, author of 4 books, and the founder of School of Scared Knowledge

“That our country must lead with respect and insist that our regional allies help pay for our efforts on their behalf with more than just lip service.”

“Inequities and violence create racial, ethnic, religious and regional economic stratification to repress people.”

Like Berkshire Hathaway’s (NYSE:BRK-A) Warren Buffett, Mr. Machat believes, “that 20 years from now with a disruptive change in Washington DC, that there can be more output per capita in the United States in real terms than there is now. And in in 50 years, it will be far more.”

Steve Machat is a political hopeful, soon to be know nationwide, believes that his background in music, theater, and film has given him a greater understanding of people over the years, and that he has an important part to play in this political revolution happening in the USA now.

Thank you Steven for entering the race for US Senate in Florida, several of my friends who know you say your are a really “good guy,”

Trumpeting for Trump



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