Donald Trump, “Two Desperate Losers Do Not Make a Winner”

Donald Trump, “Two Desperate Losers Do Not Make a Winner”

Donald Trump, “Two Desperate Losers Do Not Make a Winner”

Sunday night, Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump panned plans by rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich for an alliance to defeat him in 3 states, calling the announcement “desperation” and issuing a statement accusing them of reverting to “Collusion.”

“Collusion is often illegal in many other industries and yet these 2 Washington insiders have had to revert to collusion in order to stay alive,” Donald Trump said in the statement. “They are mathematically dead and this act only shows, as puppets of donors and special interests, how truly weak they and their campaigns are.”

Sunday, the Cruz and Kasich Campaigns issued statements outlining their plans, with Ted Cruz to focus on winning delegates in Indiana, where John Kasich will back off, while Sen. Cruz will “Clears the Path” for Gov. Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico. Both plan to resume their competition as usual after the primaries in those 3 states.

Ted Cruz has done “very poorly,” and after his “total disaster” in New York is in “free fall…he does not react well under pressure.

And John Kasich has only won in 1 state, Ohio, his own, while others who were doing better have suspended their own races.

“Marco Rubio, as an example, has more delegates than Kasich and yet suspended his campaign one month ago,” said Donald Trump. “Others, likewise, have done much better than John Kasich, who would get slaughtered by Hillary Clinton once the negative ads against him begin.”

In addition, 80% of GOP voters are against Ted Cruz and 85% against John Kasich.

Donald Trump pointed out that he is far ahead of both Messrs Cruz and Kasich as far as delegates, has millions more votes, and he claimed that he would have more than 60% of the vote except for there being so many candidates running against him at the beginning of the race.

“When 2 candidates who have no path to victory get together to stop a candidate who is expanding the party by millions of voters,  it is yet another example of everything that is wrong in Washington and our political system,” said Donald Trump.

To combat the 2 “also rans” Donald Trump engaged a the former campaign manger of Chris Christie, adding another veteran political operative to help fight for the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Ken McKay joins as a senior adviser working on the team led by Donald Trump’s convention manager Paul Manafort.

Their focus is on getting the upper hand on Ted Cruz, who has been diminishing the power of Mr. Trump’s victories by locking his own supporters into national delegate slots at state conventions.

This action comes at a Key moment, as Ted Cruz and John Kasich formed an alliance to prevent Mr. Trump from getting the necessary 1,237 delegates to win the Republican Presidential nomination by * June.

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