Donald Trump to Target “Crooked” Hillary’s Extreme Offences

Donald Trump to Target “Crooked” Hillary’s Extreme Offences

Donald Trump to Target “Crooked” Hillary’s Extreme Offences

Donald Trump is planning to attack Hillary Clinton’s character at its core during the Presidential election campaign including her husband Bill’s infidelities,  the Benghazi security lapses, her investment history and e-Mail practices.

The assault’s goal is to drive up her negative poll ratings and bait both her and former President Bill Clinton into making political mistakes.

Donald Trump told the NY-T’s his line of attacks will be strategic.

“Just getting nasty with Hillary will not work,” he says. “You really have to get people to look hard at her character, and to get women to ask themselves if Hillary is truly sincere and authentic. Because she has been really ugly in trying to destroy Bill’s mistresses, and she is pandering to women so obviously when she is only interested in getting power.”p

Donald Trump said that a US House committee failed to publicly discredit Mrs. Clinton’s judgment in its hearings, and that he will be more pointed,

Mark Penn, the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies have polls indicating attacks may well weaken her.

“The poll shows he could bring her vote down with sharp attacks, but that does not bring his vote up,” Mr. Penn said.

The Trump Assault on Hillary Clinton

On Bill Clinton’s infidelities: Donald Trump will re-emphasize that Hillary enabled her husband by staying with him and blaming the women involved. “We have to destroy her story,” Clinton said of one woman, according to the memoir of Mr. Clinton’s former adviser George Stephanopoulos.

On questions of her investments: how Hillary Clinton managed in the late 1970’s to turn a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into nearly $100,000 with little financial experience,  Donald Trump will focus on his theory that she’s “Crooked.”

On her use of her private e-Mail server while Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State: Trump will argue she showed poor judgment and had something to hide.

On the Benghazi attacks: Donald Trump will emphasize she failed to respond quickly enough to the attacks that led to the deaths of 4 Americans.

And more…

Trumpeting for Trump

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