Donald Trump Sweeps The East Coast Primaries on Way to White House

Donald Trump Sweeps The East Coast Primaries on Way to White House

Donald Trump Sweeps The East Coast Primaries on Way to White House

Many of us after today East Coast sweep of the GOP primaries believe that Donald Trump will win both the Republican Presidential nomination and the White House, and that there is a strong possibility that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee.

“Trump’s going to win,” T. Boone Pickens, 87 anni, the Chairman and CEO of BP Capital Management, said in a TV interview Tuesday. “The nomination, and I think he will win the Presidency.

“If you want change, there is  only one person who’s going to change it,” he added. “It is Donald Trump. I cannot imagine voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Mr. Pickens is a generous supporter to Republican Party efforts, said that he has talked to Mr. Trump since he began his campaign last June.

“We’ve talked about oil,” he said, adding that “I think he understands” how to improve the nation’s energy policy.

Mr. Pickens dismissed Mr. Trump’s suggestions that he wanted him in a possible administration.

“I don’t need to be an adviser to anybody,” he said.

Turning to the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Mr. Pickens said that he’s been saying “for 2 years” that the former Secretary of State will not be her party’s nominee. But neither will Senator Sanders, either.

“It’ll either be Joe Biden or John Kerry,” the Texas Oilman said.

While Mrs. Clinton “will get the delegates, I do not think she’s physically up to it, but that is not going to eliminate her. It will be some other reason. I just do not think that she will ever hear the starter’s gun: ready, get set, bang.”

“Do you think it’ll be her email scandal?” the interviewer asked.

“All of it,” Mr. Pickens responded. “She has so many things.

“She already has one thing that she has proven to the American people. She’s not honest.”

Tuesday, Donald Trump swept primaries in 5 Northeastern states, moving closer to winning the Republican Presidential nomination as he easily defeated rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Mr. Trump scored victories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. His margin of Victory in each state appeared to be even larger than in his home state of New York last week, a major show of strength that sets the stage for a win next week in Indiana.

At the weekend, Messrs Cruz and Kasich formed an anti-Trump alliance in an effort to stop him reaching a 1st-ballot victory at the July convention in Cleveland.

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, a Trump supporter, said the deal between Messrs Kasich and Cruz would backfire because it smacked of backroom politics. Dr. Carson was spot on!

Trumpeting for Trump

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