Donald Trump is a Strong, Determined Leader

Donald Trump is a Strong, Determined Leader

Donald Trump is a Strong, Determined Leader

After 8 years of decline in America The People want and need strong leadership.

What will count to the voters in this Presidential race is who they think can be trusted with their future. This perception of the voter of who will best lead is going to be their ultimate reality. It happens in the privacy of the voting booth, not in public polling.

As it appears headed into the head-to-head contest beginning after Labor Day, Hillary Clinton is facing huge credibility issues. Even as the virtually the entire media and numerous surrogates stand in for her, each day brings new revelations of her lying, cheating, bribery and the possibility of a criminal indictment.

No matter what you hear or read in the mainstream press, her campaign is weighed down and struggling to stay above water.

Donald Trump has his challenges too, but he power through and gets stronger and more energetic as the race unfolds, what energy. He shows an aura of power and charisma which infuriates his detractors and heartens his supporters.

Much as Hillary Clinton supporters and the anti-Trumpers would like to call the race over and unilaterally declare Lying Hillary the winner, the race for the US Presidency is really just getting started.

On 26 September Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet and compete head-to-head. It will be a historic event to be sure, Hillary will have no surrogates to defend her, and will be in the nations headlights with Donald Trump in command of the audience.

The Democratic and Republican primary races shows us how well Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton will perform.

Hillary Clinton won the Democrat Party primaries against a old, underfunded Marxist/socialist by dirty trick rigging the nomination as proven by the leaked DNC scandalous e-Mail conspiracy against him.

It things were straight and honest, I believe that Hillary Clinton would have lost to Senator Sanders (VT). It is notable that 21% fewer Democrats turned out to participate in the primaries this time as opposed to Y 2012.

Donald Trump dominated the Republican primaries where the major media was biased against him as were the elite/establishment Republican Political “mandarins”. He beat 17 formidable, mostly well funded comers.

In the Republican primary, 62% more voters turned out than any prior Republican primary contest. Donald Trump got the largest number of primary votes ever in the history of the Republican Party.

The political issues of the 1960’s so impressed in Hillary Clinton are in sharp contrast to the new voter’s desire for financial security, opportunity, and having a strong military and police for protection from the dangers of radical Islamic terrorists.

This highly PC (politically correct) generation is being horrified by the proliferation of Islamic Terrorism, Black Lives Matter generated riots, and the lack of good paying jobs for the middle class.

We see Hillary Clinton’s campaign running away from her record as a US Senator, Secretary of State, and Head of the Clinton Foundation. She has made it her life’s work selling influence and government favors at the expense of the American taxpayer.

As Donald Trump said in his speech today in Youngstown, OH, Hillary Clinton’s openly lies, cheats, and has disastrous judgment that has caused catastrophic events in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), the lost of life and government disruption is horrific, imagine living there.

Donald Trump’s life is an “open book”, he has been in the public eye all of his career.

In this election he is running on his record of performance in a highly competitive business world globably, his name is “stamped” everything he does.

People pay extra to buy a Trump branded condo or stay in a Trump hotel. He grew up in the building trades and understand that a construction business is only as successful as the talent of its people and where a man’s word is his bond.

Donald Trump speaks in the language of The People, not the DC or elitist double-speak. Working people relate to what he is saying in his way.

On 26 September Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet on the debate stage, what matters in this debate is optics not policy. As people do not systematically process information, and decisions are made emotionally.

In this world as in the Animal Kingdom the many always instinctively choose the Alpha to lead and product.

Mrs. Clinton’s shrill Chicago twang is hard to listen to. She comes across as a mix between a mid-level policy wonk and Aluminum siding salesperson. Remember, Bernie Sanders appeared to be genuine and dominated the primary debates against her at will.

Outside the debates Hillary Clinton’s presence is scarce, she has surrogates act in her place.

Unless she has a complete make-over, she will appear on stage Vs Donald Trump as a obese, tired, old, sickly, 5 ft 2 over-rehearsed politician promoting special interest.

Donald Trump is a 6 ft 4 vigorous male whose voice and tone are most engaging when he speaks carefully, as he did today in his foreign policy roll out.

When Donald Trump walks onto a stage he owns is. He dominated every primary debate against all the other well-funded and experienced Republican contenders. And he controls the news cycle daily.

On analysts noted today that, “His campaign, like everything else he has done in life, is all Trump.”

In this Presidential election Donald Trump is the “Alpha Dog” and The People will elect him President of the United State, with the mandate to “Make America Great Again”.

Trumpeting for Trump

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