Donald Trump, “Stay Strong Israel, I Will Be in Office Soon”

Donald Trump, “Stay Strong Israel, I Will Be in Office Soon”

Donald Trump, “Stay Strong Israel, I Will Be in Office Soon”

US President Elect Donald Trump criticized the Obama Administrations current relations with Israel, urging the country to “stay strong” until he is Inaugurated and in the Oval Office

Donald Trump has been a vocal critic of the recent United Nations vote to condemn Israeli settlements in disputed territories, which the US did not vote for or veto, it abstained.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused US President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry of covertly orchestrating the vote, and stated that Israel “looks forward to working with President Elect Trump.”

“The Obama administration not only failed to protect Israel against this gang-up at the UN, it colluded with it behind the scenes,” the Prime Minister’s office said in a published official statement.  “Israel looks forward to working with President Elect Trump and with all our friends in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, to negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”

A senior Israeli official said Wednesday that Israel will provide Donald Trump with evidence that the US worked in secret to help the settlement vote.

Meanwhile, Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that the future of a 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was in jeopardy, and laid out parameters for future peace talks, saying the United States could not stay silent.

Secretary Kerry defended the US decision to allow the passage of a UN resolution last week demanding an end to Israeli settlements, saying it was intended to preserve the possibility of a 2-state solution.

“Despite our best efforts over the years, the two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy,” Sec. Kerry said in a speech at the State Department. “We cannot, in good conscience, do nothing, and say nothing, when we see the hope of peace slipping away.”

“The truth is that trends on the ground: violence, terrorism, incitement, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation – are destroying hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing an irreversible one-state reality that most people do not actually want.”

Sec. Kerry’s parting words are unlikely to change anything on the ground between Israel and the Palestinians or salvage the Obama Administration’s record of failed Mideast peace efforts.

Stay tuned…


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