Donald Trump, “Stay in the Race Bernie”

Donald Trump, “Stay in the Race Bernie”

Donald Trump, “Stay in the Race Bernie”

Saturday, Donald Trump said that Bernie Sanders was staying in the Democratic race because he is waiting for “the FBI Convention” that could result should Hillary Clinton be indicted in the e-Mail scandal.

“Think about Bernie,” Donald Trump told about 1,600 supporters at the Treasure Island Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. “He does not give up. This guy does not give up. Right? Crazy Bernie, he does not give up. You know.

“Crazy Bernie. He is crazy as a bed bug, but you know he does not quit,” Donald Trump continued to the cheering crowd. “He does not quit. Got to hand it to him.

“And I think Bernie should continue to go forward, folks. He should continue to go forward. He should fight to the end.

“Well, he is waiting for really the FBI to do what everybody thinks they are going to do,” Donald Trump said.

“I think he is sort of saying: ‘Look, oh, let’s hang in there, because, ultimately, it’s called the FBI Convention. And then we’ll be the only people in the race.”

Donald Trump also slammed the latest effort by delegates to the Republican National Convention (RNC) next month to change party rules so they can vote for the candidate of their choice instead of who won their states in the primaries.

“There’s a little movement,” he told he rally, and attributed it to “people who have been badly defeated.

“But wouldn’t it be funny: A guy that got a lot less votes, he got no states,” he continued before mockingly saying, “ladies and gentlemen, our nominee is … .”

He then held out his arms, looking baffled as many in the crowd laughed.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

“It’s all made up by the press, folks. It is a hoax, fake.

“We’re gonna beat Hillary,” Donald Trump said, “and it would be helpful if the Republicans helped us a little bit.”

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