Donald Trump Should Stay Out of Bill & Hill’s ‘Mud’ and Dirty Dealings

Donald Trump Should Stay Out of Bill & Hill’s ‘Mud’ and Dirty Dealings

Donald Trump Should Stay Out of Bill & Hill’s ‘Mud’ and Dirty Dealings


Donald Trump should not bring up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals at the 2nd Presidential debate with “Missy” Clinton because “you are not going to beat the Clintons in the mud,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday night on TV.

Mr. Gingrich said the political couple have far more experience as “gutter-fighters.”

“You’re never going to beat the Clintons in the mud; it is not possible,” Mr. Gingrich said, according to excerpts released by the media

“They’re the best gutter-fighters we have seen in our lifetime.”

“I mean you have to go back to Richard Nixon to find anyone with the potential to fight with her,” he added. “So you’ve got to stay above her. You’ve got to say, ‘Look, I’m going to beat you on jobs, I’m going to beat you on trade, I’m going to beat you on taxes.’ I thought what he did last time in not bringing it up was to his advantage.”

Mr. Gingrich has written he believes Donald Trump won the 1st debate, but said more preparation for the 2nd match-up would be good.

Debate is an ancient art form, and the more experience the better, there are tactics that have to be learned and executed to get the Trophies.

“At a tactical level, he’s not nearly as good as a debater,” he said. “It would nottake much for him to be 20 or 30 or 40% better than he is now.”

“He’s an amateur, and he is a businessman,” Mr. Gingrich added. “He’s never going to match up with a Yale lawyer who’s spent her entire lifetime trying to be glib.”

Tuesday, Donald Trump said he held his tongue responding to charges of sexism from Clinton at the 1st debate, out of respect for Clinton’s daughter Chelsea, who was in the debate audience Monday night.

He was right, though anyone who watched saw that he really kept his kid gloves on the personal ethical and moral short comings of Hillary Clinton, her Family and minions.


Monica Lewinsky, 43 anni, said her sexual relationship with then President Bill Clinton in Y 1998 (she was 22, he was 50) 1st emerged online and became “a click that reverberated around the world.”

In a speech at a FT conference, the former White House intern from Beverly Hills, California, now an activist against online bullying and abuse said after her affair with Bill Clinton broke online, she was “publicly stoned.”

The affair, which she called “a click that reverberated around the world,” was exposed before there was Facebook (FB), Instagram or Twitter (TWTR). But e-Mails “could be forwarded,” and “in those e-Mails could be some pretty cruel jokes,” she said

“My reputation wasn’t shot down with just 1 arrow,” she said, “I was publicly stoned.”

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