Donald Trump, “Scandal, lies, and deceit follow Hillary wherever she goes”

Donald Trump, “Scandal, lies, and deceit follow Hillary wherever she goes”

Donald Trump, “Scandal, lies, and deceit follow Hillary wherever she goes”

Donald Trump promised to “Indict” Hillary Clinton in an e-Mail sent out by his campaign Wednesday.

In the e-Mail he compared a vote for him in the November election to “throwing the book” at Hillary Clinton because of the scandals that have followed her.

“Every Election Day, politicians stand trial before the people. “The voters are the jury. Their ballots are the verdict.

“And, on November 8th, the American people will finally have the chance to do what the authorities have been too afraid to do over these last 2 decades: INDICT HILLARY CLINTON AND FIND HER GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES.”

The e-Mail mentions some of the scandals the Clintons have been involved in, from Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky saga to Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email for government business and questionable donations to the family’s charitable foundation.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump took issue with Senator Mitch McConnell (R:KY) Wednesday after his the GOP majority leader in the upper chamber called Democrat Hillary Clinton “capable” of being President.

In an interview, Senator McConnell suggested Trump needs to make changes from his GOP primary rhetoric now that the campaign has moved to the general election.

Later, Donald Trump Tweeted (without mention of Senator McConnell) “ISIS exploded on Hillary Clinton’s watch- she’s done nothing about it and never will. Not capable!”

Trumpeting for Trump

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