Donald Trump and RNC Begin Fundraising

Donald Trump and RNC Begin Fundraising

Donald Trump and RNC Begin Fundraising

Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have sent out their 1st email fundraising pitch, focusing on small donors who contributed to the presumptive nominee’s primary campaign.

“Our country doesn’t win anymore,” the e-Mail begins, using an often-used premise of the GOP presumptive nominee, and ends with a signature from “Team Trump.”

Proceeds from the e-Mail Tuesday go to the “Make America Great Again” Committee, a joint fundraising venture of the RNC and Donald Trump’s campaign that plots the small-dollar donations between Donald Trump, who will get 80% of the money, and the RNC, which will get the remaining 20%.

The new effort supplements fundraising efforts organized by the RNC’s Trump Victory Committee, including a dinner where attendees were asked to pay $25,000 per plate.

GOP Aligning…”adjust to reality”

House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders who have not yet endorse presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump need to “listen and accept the will” of GOP voters, or face getting voted out of office, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says.

The Alabama Senator says Republican lawmakers have to “adjust to reality.”

“I think Mr. Ryan needs to recognize, on some of these issues,  Donald Trump is where the Republicans are and if you are going to be a Republican leader you should be supportive of that,” he said.

“My advice is to listen and accept the will of the American people,” he said.

“The Republican voters, the Republican Party is the Republican voters … A lot of our drift within our party has gotten away from the will of the voters… I think the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they will remain in office … Already many are sensing it.”

“You cannot be President of the United States if people below $50,000 do not think you care about them and you have no real communication that motivates them to vote for you,” he said. “And that’s the trend we have been on, and Donald Trump has broken that.”

He also believes Mr. Trump “is going to appeal better to African-Americans, Hispanics, and others than previous Republican candidates because he is talking about what they want, and that is a fair chance to have a better life economically.”

“I just don’t think there’s that many people who think it’s wrong to have control on our borders. That’s not racism,” he said, adding: “How do you appeal to Hispanics and African-Americans that we have not done well with at all?

Is it by saying we’re going to have open borders and more welfare?”

The answer is No, people need jobs, and good jobs, that means bringing lowering taxes and making it attractive for American companies to manufacture in America.

Trumpeting for Trump






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