Donald Trump Offends Radical Islam, I’m OK with That

Donald Trump Offends Radical Islam, I’m OK with That

Donald Trump Offends Radical Islam, I’m OK with That

Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump today for offending Radical Islam, but I am actually OK with that because Radical Islam offends me and the rest of the World.

Sunni Muslim led terrorists groups are at war not only with non-Muslims, but with many Muslims as well, and that is a reason to take offense.

What is worse than having Donald Trump offend some people is having a US President that will not, Radical Islam needs to be held accountable for these terrorist attacks. Real people are dying in “Headline Events” like today’s EgyptAir bombing, and even more Muslims are dying everyday at the hands of these people.

Clinton’s history in dealing with terrorists can be summed up by the Benghazi incident, hide the problem and pretend everything is fine.

Hillary, things are not fine, Trump will gain the support of the Arab nations that truly wish to rid the world of the terror groups, the resistance will come from Arab Governments that are actually supporting terrorism.

I would encourage Donald Trump to go further and to push some of these nations on Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Religion and Fairness.

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