Donald Trump is Now Officially the Next US President

Donald Trump is Now Officially the Next US President

Donald Trump is Now Officially the Next US President

Donald Trump’s election victory was made official Monday as electors gave him more than the 270 votes needed to win the Presidency, despite a failed campaign to deny him a majority.

The meeting of the Electoral College is typically a formality. But an extra bit of drama was added to the proceedings as a concerted campaign took place among activists and even Hollywood celebrities to convince electors to vote their conscience.

Of course, those efforts failed

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said recently that Donald Trump will succeed in turning Washington “upside down” and that the news media “cannot come to grips with the level of talent they are dealing with,” which is the reason they are continously reporting “junk.”

“I think the odds are better than even money that November 8, 2016, was a watershed event in American history.”

“The basic radicalism of Trumpism is dramatically greater than Reagan was in 1980 or we were in 1994.”

Mr. Gingrich was a Key supporter of  Donald Trump during the campaign and told the press that he was recently enlisted by the Trump Administration to be the President Elect’s “senior planner.”

His job is “developing the agenda, pushing the agenda, explaining the agenda, learning as things change,” he said. “I told Donald Trump that I wanted to do what I’m doing, that I did not want a government job.”

Mr. Gingrich’s speech at the Heritage Foundation touched many topics, but mostly on the idea that Donald Trump has not backed down, which is what has made him so successful.

“Donald Trump is the grizzly bear in “The Revenant.” If you get his attention, he will walk over, bite your head off, and sit on you,” said Mr. Gingrich.

And, in Washington, DC, he said, he is here to “kick over the table.”

Monday, outgoing lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama said about Hillary Clinton resounding election loss, “We (the Democrats) have a scrambled political landscape. There are some things that we know are a challenge for us, structural problems. For example, population distribution, oftentimes younger voters, minority voters, Democratic voters, are clustered in urban areas,” Mr. Obama said. And that, “The party needs to reframe its debates for suburban and rural voters.”

During Monday’s interview, Mr. Obama also reiterated his pledge to spend part of his time out-of-office ginning up an information and coaching organization to teach (his community organizer hat) Democrats, potential future Democratic leaders,how to deal with their bitter defeat on November 8th.

It is interesting to note that many Democrats have left and are continuing to leave the party.

Trumpeting for Trump

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