Donald Trump, “I do not play to lose”

Donald Trump, “I do not play to lose”

Donald Trump, “I do not play to lose”

In an interview Thursday, Donald Trump said that he does not “play to lose,” so he believes that he will do well with his Presidential election bid, he admits that his campaign has gone “beyond what I assumed.”

“People have asked me that question, and I guess the answer has to be Yes, or I do not think I would have done it,” Donald Trump said his interview for the national TV media

And looking forward to his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump said he is not looking to make a grand entrance like he did Monday, that he is going to talk about “our country and the problems that we have.”

“We have deep problems,” said Donald Trump. “We have really deep-seated problems so it’s not about the entrance. It’s about the words and it’s about getting the words done, and the only way we’re going to get that taken care of is we have to, in November, do very well.”

The speech will include talk about trade, law and order, and the nation’s borders, among “many different things.”

“Our country has a lot of problems , I will deliver the same message I have been talking about for a long time, that is who I am.”

“I’m a very honest person,” he said. “My message is a good message. It got me here. We had almost 14-M votes. That’s more votes than anybody in the history of the Republican Party. There’s something happening, and people are tired of what’s going on.”

” I think I’m very qualified to be President, but do not forget Hillary Clinton is spending hundreds of millions on ads,” he said. “You know what I spent so far? Nothing, nothing.”

“We are raising a lot of money, $51-M last month and I put in a lot of money. I am in over $60-M. I spent $3.8-M last month.”

He said he’ll soon start spending more money, as “this is an important thing for the country.”

Donald Trump spoke about the speech given by his wife, Melania.

He thinks the media treated his wife well through the whole ordeal, Melania’s speech had a huge impact on the nation.

Donald Trump did not mention Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) refusal to endorse. Most people believe Ted Cruz ended his political career Wednesday night.

Trumpeting for Trump

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