Donald Trump Not Looking for “Permission” to be Tough on Trade

Donald Trump Not Looking for “Permission” to be Tough on Trade

Donald Trump Not Looking for “Permission” to be Tough on Trade


US President Elect Donald Trump will not back away from his tough stance on trade, even if congressional Republicans oppose him, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday.

“He’s not looking for permission,” Mr. Spicer said. “He’s going to do what he thinks the American people need to spur economic growth, to create jobs, to put the American worker first.”

“This is not a guy who has spent the last year and a half asking people for permission to do things. I think he wants input. He values ideas, opinions, analysis and facts — and then he makes a decision and he goes with it.”

Mr. Spicer said President Trump will presume a mandate and carry through with the policies he proposed during the race for the White House. “I think you gotta go forward with the things you campaigned on,” Mr. Spicer said.

President Elect Donald Trump Tweeted a threat to hit Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM) with a ‘big border tax” if it builds Corolla cars in Mexico to be sold in the US.

In the interview, Mr. Spicer refused to say what Donald Trump, who has been skeptical of the conclusion the Russians were behind election hacking, would do after meeting with intelligence chiefs Friday.

“I’m not going to prejudge the actions that he’s going to take,” Mr. Spicer said. “He’s going to listen to them and then he will decide whether or not to make his opinion known.”

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