Donald Trump, “No more guns to protect ‘Crooked’ Hillary”

Donald Trump, “No more guns to protect ‘Crooked’ Hillary”

Donald Trump, “No more guns to protect ‘Crooked’ Hillary”

“Crooked Hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. No more guns to protect Hillary!” Donald Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

A day after presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), he took to Twitter where he branded Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for wanting to ban all guns while having heavily armed Secret Service security at her side.

Hillary Clinton is “the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate to ever run for office.

At the NRA’s annual convention Friday, Donald Trump called for the Democratic candidate’s Secret Service protection to disarm.

“Let’s see how they feel walking around without their guns and their bodyguards,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton insists that she has not called to abolish gun ownership, but rather is pushing for “common-sense reforms.”

Friday, Donald Trump picked up the endorsement of the NRA, with the gun group announcing it is backing him for President while taking a “shot” at Hillary Clinton.

“Friends, think about this. If Hillary Clinton is elected in November and serves 2 terms, she’ll be President until Y 2025,” the NRA’s Chris W. Cox told an audience of roughly 8,000 at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Louisville, KY.

“The damage that would be done by her policies and her Supreme Court picks will destroy individual freedom and therefore destroy the America we all love. We cannot let that happen. We have to unite and we have to unite right now. So on behalf of the thousands of patriots in this room and the 5 million NRA members across this country, and the tens of millions who support us, I’m officially announcing the NRA’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President.”

Taking the stage, Donald Trump said that he is looking forward to running against Hillary Clinton.

“I do want to run against her. I have to be honest with you,” Donald Trump said, drawing laughter and applause from the crowd.

Mr. Trump energized the crowd throughout his speech, at one point even calling for a standing ovation for police and other members of law enforcement.

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2 Responses to "Donald Trump, “No more guns to protect ‘Crooked’ Hillary”"

  1. Neal   May 22, 2016 at 12:22 am

    Now how about Hilary’s land grab deals with Harry Reid in Nevada and Oregon. Should a government official profit from stealing Americans land and selling it to the Chinese and Russians. How many people know that Bill Clinton made a speech in Russia for trading our land and made $400,000.00 for the speech.

    • Paul Ebeling   May 22, 2016 at 12:25 am

      Neal, I know the Clinton’s are crooked, and they tied up with George H.W. Bush and his new world order. Donald Trump will bust that evil cabal. Have a terrific weekend. Best, Paul

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