Donald Trump, “A Massive Tax Increase Necessary to Fund Hillary’s Plan”

Donald Trump, “A Massive Tax Increase Necessary to Fund Hillary’s Plan”

Donald Trump, “A Massive Tax Increase Necessary to Fund Hillary’s Plan”

Donald Trump responded to Hillary Clinton’s speech on the economy, which included her reactions to the proposals he outlined Monday, calling the Democrat’s presentation “terrible” and “boring.”

“By the way, she’s proposing a big tax increase in her speech, her teleprompter speech,” said Donald Trump,  speaking in Florida Thursday.

“Hillary Clinton wants to tax and regulate our economy to death.”

Mrs. Clinton focused much of her time speaking in Warren, Michigan on Donald Trump’s economic proposals, which she said would “work for him and his friends, at the expense of everyone else.”

She did not provide any new policy ideas, instead focused picking at the GOP’s Presidential nominee personality and how his economic plan will not work.

Donald Trump has a plan to encourage the economy to grow, while Hillary Clinton’s plan is “very tired and old,” former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said Friday.

“Our problems cannot be solved by taxing people more,” Dr. Carson said in a TV interview.  “One says ‘here’s the pie, let’s keep chopping it up and distributing it,’ the other is saying, ‘let’s save a whole bunch of pies, so everybody can benefit from them.'”

Mr.s Clinton’s plan, said Dr. Carson, is to tax the rich, and “somehow that’s going to solve our problems. You can take every penny from the rich and it won’t come to solving our problems, because of the kind of debts we have and we are accumulating.”

“What the Democrats and the Socialists are asking us to do is disregard what our eyes and our ears and our brain is telling us and just listen to them because they know what is best. I think the American people are much smarter than that.”

Dr. Carson also cheered Donald Trump’s proposal to bring some $2.1-T back from overseas, which can be incentivized and used for infrastructure, to create enterprise zones in the nation’s inner cities, and to create a “mechanism for people to climb out of dependency and become part of the fabric and strength of the country… it would be the biggest stimulus since FDR’s “New Deal” and wouldn’t cost taxpayers any money.”

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