Donald Trump, “We would all like to see Hillary’s missing e-Mails”

Donald Trump, “We would all like to see Hillary’s missing e-Mails”

Donald Trump, “We would all like to see Hillary’s missing e-Mails”

Donald Trump’s message to Russia, Find Hillary Clinton’s missing e-Mails, please! 

Donald Trump issued his challenge Wednesday during a news conference in which he called accusations that he was involved in the hacking and release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails “so far fetched, so ridiculous.”

“I wish I had that power,” he said in a wide-ranging, press conference from his resort in Doral, Florida.

“Russia has no respect for our country, if it is Russia. No one knows. It is probably China. Or somebody (hacker) sitting in his bed. It shows how weak we are. It shows how disrespected we are.”

“I will tell you this, Russia, if you are listening I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-Mails that are missing,” in reference to e-Mails missing from Hillary Clinton’s wiped clean private server now in the hands of the FBI. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”


In a Tweet Donald Trump urged “Russia or any other country or person” to share the e-Mails with the FBI, it is my prediction that they will show up just before election day.

Donald Trump switched focus to Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying, “I do not think he respects Clinton. I do not think Putin has any respect for Clinton. I think he does respect me and I hope I can get along great with him.”

Mr. Putin and other world leaders have “no respect for our country and certainly have no respect for our leader so I know nothing about it. One of the most far-fetched I ever heard.”

Donald Trump denied rumors that his income tax returns will show that he has had dealings with Russia.

“I have had audits for 15 or 16 years,” said Mr. Trump. “When the audit is complete I will release them. I have nothing to do with Russia… Just so you understand I released my papers, 104 pages of documents. I built an unbelievable company, tremendous cash, tremendous company with great assets of the world. You were disappointed when you saw it. If you look there you will see there is nothing in Russia.”

And no matter who released the leaked DNC e-Mails, the controversy is about what they said and who wrote them, not about who was behind the document dump.

“Let me tell you it is not about Russia or China, it is about the things that were said in those what was said was a disgrace,” said Trump. “And it was outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and believe me, as sure as you are sitting there Hillary Clinton knew that. She knew everything. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could not breathe without speaking and getting approval from Hillary Clinton, couldn’t breathe and you saw that.”

The e-Mails also showed that the race was rigged, and that Wasserman-Schultz “rigged it for Hillary Clinton, and the sad part is that Bernie Sanders has, to use an old word that I used on occasion, he has lost his energy.”

Donald Trump also said he has no reason to be involved with Vlad Putin, and knows that he does not respect President Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Vlad Putin is going to respect the President if I am elected and I hope America’s voters elect me.

Trumpeting for Trump

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