Donald Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Re-election Campaign

Donald Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Re-election Campaign

Donald Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Re-election Campaign

Donald Trump. “Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5:00p EST for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!”
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The Big Q: What is the “right” time for a President to start campaigning for his reelection?

The Big A: For most Presidents it is probably not just 4 weeks into the 1st term. But for President Donald Trump is the right time. As it is Key planning to combat the Soros/Hussein-Obama forces from any and all attacks against him. Attacks by such forces on his as a candidate are by law criminal.

We have seen this seditious cabal already on the attack in the form of Top Secret and Classified intel being leaked by left over Hussien-Obama loyalists to the leftist press/media over the last several days. They have branded the Trump White House racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Arab, White Supremists out to destroy the national security and civil rights of Americans, along with retaking our nation’s rightful place as The Leader of the free world.

But on Wednesday, Donald Trump, Trumped the left again announcing that he will kick off his Y 2o2o campaign at a rally in Florida this Saturday evening.

The dying leftist New York Times says that this rally is more about Donald Trump’s ego than his desire to win, writing that he “is eager to get outside of Washington, DC, and relive the rapturous reception that greeted him during the presidential campaign.”  It has not and will not discuss the savvy strategic planning of The Trump White House.

A further benefit of this planning is that President Donald Trump gets more control over press and guest access than he would for a local Washington, DC White House event.

You may or may not know that President Donald Trump filed with the Federal Election Commission for his re-election campaign on Inauguration Day, and along with thwarting an attacks from the Soros/Hussein-Obama it allowed him to continue accepting proceeds from the very popular campaign merchandise, that include the Red and White caps.

His next slogan will likely be “Keep America Great!” or “Keeping America Great,” a message he will be spreading while he and his Team in the White house and Congress work to “Make America Great Again” and “America First”.

This is not only savvy but genius tactics against the leftist Marxist coastal shadow warriors, and the Fourth Estate’s efforts to become a actual element of our government.

What the liberal media is thriving to obscure here is that, for the last 8 years former President Barack Hussein-Obama had his Team in permanent campaign mode and kept his campaign machine running at the max, as it accuses President Donald Trump of waging  a permanent campaign as his efforts has been styled by National Public Radio.

What all Americans must realize is this: Donald J. Trump, a non-politician businessman, defeated 16 of the best GOP politicians including Jeb, the low energy stand in for The Bush Dynasty for the nomination, and then when on to win our Presidency in his campaign against the heir apparent, its time for a woman, “shoe in” continuer of the Bush/Clinton/Hussein-Obama era, crooked Hillary.

So, if anyone thinks or believes that Trumpism was not the well planned disruption of the progressive left’s globalization, aka make America just another “me too” nation, goal they have another thing coming.

President Donald Trump is the Real Thing, and in just the last few weeks he has moved to put America First, Make America Great Again, and Keep America Great for generations to come

Ooh Rah & Hip, Hip Hurrah

Paul Ebeling


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