Donald Trump Increased Nationwide in Presidential Race Since 1st Debate

Donald Trump Increased Nationwide in Presidential Race Since 1st Debate

Donald Trump Increased Nationwide in Presidential Race Since 1st Debate

Donald Trump has increased his nationwide lead over Hillary Clinton since the 1st Presidential debate, according to the Los Angeles Times/USC Dornsife daily tracking poll released early Wednesday.

The results are as follows:

Donald Trump: 46.7%
Hillary Clinton: 42.6%

This boosts the Republican candidate’s advantage over Clinton by 0.6% from the poll taken the day before, the 1st one following the Monday debate.

Other details from the poll indicate:

Donald Trump has held the lead in this poll since 13 September with his largest advantage since then being on 18 September when he led by 6.7%

The most volatile voting bloc has been those under 35, who just a few weeks ago backed Mrs. Clinton by 10% but then supported Trump by 8% a short time later.

Donald Trump’s advantage in that age group is now at 5.5% over Mrs. Clinton

He also has a nearly 20% over Mrs. Clinton in support among males. His advantage among males was 50% that earlier this month.

The Republican candidate is shown a big improvement in Black voter support, which was at just 3% earlier this month, rose to as high as 20% 10 days ago before fading and then rebounding to its current 18.2%, still well behind Clinton 74.3% support among Blacks. (many of which are not likely to vote)

The Los Angeles Times/USC Dornsife poll tracks about 3,000 eligible voters until Election Day, asking on a regular basis about their support for the candidates.

The data is updated each day based on the weighted average of poll responses over the previous week, which means the results have less volatility than other surveys and also could take more time to react to major events in the campaign.

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