Donald Trump, “Illegal Immigrants Get Better Care Than Our Veterans”

Donald Trump, “Illegal Immigrants Get Better Care Than Our Veterans”

Donald Trump, “Illegal Immigrants Get Better Care Than Our Veterans”

Donald Trump in a Memorial Day weekend speech pressed his message on Veterans, saying that his administration would take care of them and correct a situation in which “illegal immigrants are taken care of by this country better than our Veterans.”

Speaking at the annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Washington DC that raises awareness of Veterans issues, he vowed to rebuild our military and use it to “Beat the Hell” out of the Islamic State (IS), saying that “our Generals are spinning in their graves” with this defeatist mentality of “we cannot beat” ISIS.

Donald Trump touched on themes he has hammered home during his campaign to capture the Republican nomination for US President, such as making others countries pay more of a share of the cost of their defense, healthcare, building a Wall on the Mexican border, protecting the Second Amendment and loss of jobs to foreign countries due to poor trade deals.

Donald Trump emphasized that the relocation of so many vibrant factories that used to be in the US to foreign countries would stop under his administration, because he would make it not economically worthwhile for them to move abroad.

After criticizing many countries who have large trade surpluses with the US, Mr. Trump said he was not angry at China or Mexico or Japan, “but at our President for being a grossly incompetent president of the United States to allow this to happen.”

One biker explained, “He (Donald Trump) speaks his mind.

“We bikers are about freedom … and there’s no support among us for the Washington establishment.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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