Donald Trump Hobbled the Mainstream Media

Donald Trump Hobbled the Mainstream Media

Donald Trump Hobbled the Mainstream Media

Donald Trump has hobbled the mainstream media, now controls the facts and the story.

3 former White House press secretaries, covering both sides of the political spectrum say they expect the incoming Trump Administration’s relationship with the media to be unprecedented.

While previous administrations used extreme spin in some cases, they all “operated on the same basic fact set and have big argument about who was right and who was wrong,” said President Bill Clinton’s press secretary.

He said The Trump Team creates the facts and the stories.

The communications director for President George W. Bush (43) said Donald Trump does not need the press, but wants it, and controls it.

The press secretary for 43, said Donald Trump mocking the media, because “as the Gallup Poll recently indicated, confidence in the mainstream press to report the news accurately and fairly has never been lower. And so the press has made itself vulnerable, because it lost the trust of their readers and their viewers, and Donald Trump has widely taken advantage of it.”

The 3 also agreed that it would be difficult for President Trump to delegate the job of getting the administration’s message across to the public to someone else, noting that “the idea that he’s going to be able to tolerate watching someone at a podium delivering news that he thinks he can do better from whatever he tweets from is an assumption I’m not comfortable making.”

Donald Trump does not like to share his views with his inner circle, he shares them with the world 1st, as he has over 17-M followers on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and he uses it as a very effective tool as no politician has ever done before.

Donald Trump has hobbled the mainstream media and now controls the story

Trumpeting for Trump


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