Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton ‘Sick & Tired’ Cannot be President”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton ‘Sick & Tired’ Cannot be President”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton ‘Sick & Tired’ Cannot be President”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton suddenly and unexpectedly cancelled a planned fundraiser in North Carolina that was scheduled Tuesday, raising speculation again about her health and ability to be President of the United States.

The event’s cancellation comes less than a week after she returned to the campaign trail after fainting and being diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

No reason was given for the cancellation by the campaign.


During a speech in Philadelphia Monday, Mrs. Clinton’s eyes appeared not in-sync with one another, as the left eye looked to be cock-eyed and displaced.

Mrs. Clinton’s cancellation of the Chapel Hill event also comes as a new poll showed Republican nominee Donald Trump leading her in the crucial swing state.

In the Elon University poll, Donald Trump has 44% support among likely voters in North Carolina, 43% back Mrs. Clinton and 6% support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

To make matters worse for Mrs. Clinton, Donald Trump made an appearance in North Carolina on Tuesday, appearing at a rally in Kenansville, a small town in the eastern part of the state.

Before the event,  Donald Trump sent a Tweet upon hearing that Mrs. Clinton had cancelled her fundraiser.

At the rally, Donald Trump said that Mrs. Clinton is “the chief emissary for globalism,” as he accused her of caring more about special interests that what is best for the country, and trying to extend the failed la la land policies and legacy of President Barack Hussein Obama that has lessened America’s status on the world stage.

Donald Trump reiterated he is running not to be President of the World, but for President of the United States.

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