Donald Trump, “I haven’t started on Hillary Clinton yet…”

Donald Trump, “I haven’t started on Hillary Clinton yet…”

Donald Trump, “I haven’t started on Hillary Clinton yet…”

Donald Trump said, that Hillary Clinton, aka “Missy” will face the full frontal assault of the Trump Machine beginning this week at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

“I haven’t started,” Donald Trump said in an interview. “I guess you could say we will start during the convention but we are really going to get it in gear right after the convention.”

I reported here Sunday, that Hillary Clinton has spent $100-M on negative Donald Trump ads, and has gone down in the polls.

“They are such lies . . . Just like she lied with her e-mails, she’s lying on the ads,” he said. “It’s the only chance she’s got. She’s got to spend a lot of money on ads because her career is a total sham.”

Regarding Sarah Palin,  “We love Sarah. Little bit difficult because of, you know, she’s got a — it’s a long ways away. “But Sarah will always be with us and Sarah is involved and very much involved in the campaign.”

Donald Trump said he’d think about involving one of his children in a Trump White House, but said their responsibilities are with his many businesses.

“It’s a phenomenal business and they will stay and run the business,” Donald Trump said. “And they will have 100% control. I will have nothing to do with the business.”

In the polls

Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton, cutting her lead in half over in the last month, a new poll shows.

The Monmouth University survey released Monday shows Mrs. Clinton with a 3-point lead among voters nationally, and a 2-point edge among likely voters, that down from a 6-point lead among all voters and a 7-point lead with likely voters in a June poll.

Trumpeting for Trump



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