Donald Trump has Harnessed the Power of the Network

Donald Trump has Harnessed the Power of the Network

Donald Trump has Harnessed the Power of the Network

In this digital age, Donald Trump’s reach on social media is unprecedented, he believes he can leverage his personality to engage that audience right to Oval Office, that according to the WS-J.

On the other side of that coin, the Democrats have a database of big data amassing 2 elections won by US President Barack Hussein Obama that they believe gives them a personal relationship with 70-M Americans, perhaps they have miscalculated.

The Big Q: Which method wins this unprecedented political “War”?

Donald Trump thinks big data is overrated, preferring to be the master of social media to an estimated $2-B in free branding and advertising.

And he is very savvy with his messages on Facebook (FB), they are personal and disruptive, they resonate with The People and the press..

He is expert at marketing his message, today one Hollywood PR executive dubbed him the Michael Jackson of Media.

Donald Trump has a “mastery of television and media” that took his GOP primary competitors by surprise, and ultimately crushed them, according to CNN’s Jeff Zucker, who launched the GOP presidential nominee’s TV career.

According to CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Donald Trump, unlike his primary rivals, always responds to interview requests.

“The fact is that Donald Trump has a mastery of television and media that few others have, and I think that took a lot of his competitors and a lot of observers by surprise, in that they did not realize that he understood the medium and was able to take advantage of that,” Mr. Zucker said.

“He was  always willing to do numerous interviews in a way that almost none of his competitors was. That’s not our fault, that’s their fault.”

Donald Trump will host a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session Wednesday evening as he continues to spread his social media brand.

Trumpeting for Trump

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