Donald Trump Hammers “Lyin Ted” on His Eligibility to be US President

Donald Trump Hammers “Lyin Ted” on His Eligibility to be US President

Donald Trump Hammers “Lyin Ted” on His Eligibility to be US President

While campaigning in Connecticut Saturday, GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump hammered Lyin Ted Cruz again for his Canadian birth and his eligibility to be US President.

“You are registered as a Canadian citizen, he never knew he was a Canadian,” Donald Trump said of Cruz during a rally in Waterbury, Conn.

He continued, if Lyin Ted is the Presidential nominee, “The first thing the Democrats are going to do is sue him on the basis that he is not a naturalized citizen, he was not born in this country.”

Earlier this year, Donald Trump said that Ted Cruz’s birthplace in Canada was a “very precarious” issue that could affect the Texas Senator’s standing should he win the nomination.

Although Donald Trump has been quiet on the matter in recent weeks, he renewed his fierce attacks on Ted Cruz during a time when reports started to question his “Presidential” rhetoric.

Donald Trump added that being “Presidential is easy,” but in his next breath he declared,”If I acted presidential, I guarantee you, I would not be here.”

Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday calling on Ted Cruz, to drop out of the race for US President.

He said Senator Cruz should follow his own advice, pointing to the possibility that he cannot reach the 1,237-delegate mark necessary for the GOP nomination.

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