Donald Trump Got Elected, Went to Washington and Changed It

Donald Trump Got Elected, Went to Washington and Changed It

Just 2 years in office, US President Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of the Presidency and the normal operations inside the nation’s capital.

He has cast away codes of conduct and traditions that have been in place there for several generations.

In Donald Trump’s Washington everything is political.

He has shredded legacies, decorum and institutions. He changed DC in subtle and profound ways, how it works and how it is viewed by all.

“He’s dynamited the institution of the presidency,” said Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian at Rice University. “He doesn’t see himself as being part of a long litany of Presidents who will hand a baton to a successor. Instead, he uses the Presidency as an extension of his own personality.”

The Big Q: Has the US Presidency changed forever?

Whether this new DC order will outlast Donald Trump’s Presidency is a question that will not be answered until there is a new occupant in the Oval Office.

Mr. Brinkley predicts that “no future President will model themselves on him.” They cannot, as there is only 1 Donald J. Trump.

There was a time when there was speculation, stoked by the candidate himself, that President Trump would abandon the bluster of his campaign and become “more Presidential” once he took office.

Not anymore.

President Trump believes his unpredictability is what holds Americans’ attention and drives his success.

“I have these stupid teleprompters. You don’t mind that I haven’t used them all night, do you?” President Trump asked the crowd at a rally last in South Carolina. “Every once in a while I look at it, I mean, it’s so boring, we don’t want it. America’s back, bigger, and better, and stronger than ever.”

Donald Trump brought to the White House the same convention-defying style that got him elected. He continues his winning form. He says it like he sees it, not how ‘they’ tell him to say it.

The White House press briefing, once a daily opportunity for the public to hear the President’s views scrutinized, has faded away.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held only 1 briefing in December, it lasted only 15 mins.

The primary form of communication from the White House comes 280 characters at a time in Tweets directly to The People, unfiltered.

President Trump’s Twitters alert Washington, and all Americans instantly, taking federal agencies and congressional allies by surprise, the DC revered and elite are always on their back feet.

Last week President Trump announce a withdrawal of troops from Syria leaving congressional Republicans complaining loudly that they were not consulted or even told of the move. And then he moved to shut down the government’s non essential workforce over the lack of money for The Wall, at our southern border, his signature campaign promise.

Watch, he will keep his promise and build The Wall.

Donald Trump’s style has made him impervious to criticism, as he has pulled out of multinational agreements in favor of deregulation and sovereignty, moves that fulfilled campaign pledges, all no matter the continuous deriding and complaining by political talking heads and the MSP..

“The thing you have to ask yourself about Trump is: Could he, in fact, be as disruptive as he is in the ways in that his base wants but be more traditional on tactical things?” ally Newt Gingrich said. “Or can you not have one without the other?”

President Trump’s Tweets often trade in public insults that modern Presidents have not shared in public like these:

The Senate minority leader is “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.”

The media are “the enemy of the people.”

His former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is “dumb as a rock.”

And that level of insult has bled into the dialogue of official Washington.

Remember, the outgoing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, weeks before he resigned Tweeted that a Democratic congressman had struggled “to think straight from the bottom of a bottle.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told fellow Democrats this month that the border wall was a “manhood” issue for the President.

President Trump has transformed the Presidency by inserting himself into matters his predecessors avoided. He has hammered his Justice Department for not opening investigations into opposition wrong doers. He threatened to sack the Fed Chairman for raising interest rates because he believes that could slow the economy. He criticized Californians for poor forest management as the wildfires raged.

And on the world stage President Trump broke the Presidential mold.

He favor of transactional relationships. He has strained longtime alliances and befriended global strongmen, as he is a strongman.

He makes his power known by not attending summits that are Key dates on Presidential itineraries. Some world leaders have learned at dinner and a round of golf with him is the path to a good relationship with him.

President Trump is in a class by himself aka unique. He does not model himself on any President, he is smart, independent, and there are no dark files on him in the FBI’s cabinets, they even tried to create some and failed.

President Trump owns the News, he is all those people talk about 24/7.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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