Donald Trump, “We are Going to Enforce our Laws on Immigration”

Donald Trump, “We are Going to Enforce our Laws on Immigration”

Donald Trump, “We are Going to Enforce our Laws on Immigration”

Donald Trump said Wednesday he will be willing to work with those who have followed US laws while living in the country.

His comments came signaled a softening in his immigration position to bolster support among moderate voters and minority groups, and will outline his position soon.

Donald Trump said he will not permit American citizenship for the undocumented population and would expel lawbreakers.

“Well, I’m going to announce something over the next 2 weeks, but it’s going to be a very firm policy,” He said.

Donald Trump’s latest comments came as Nigel Farage, an anti-immigration politician who was part of Britain’s successful campaign to leave the EU addressed Trump’s rally in Jackson, Mississippi, Wednesday night.

Donald Trump has retained much of his immigration agenda.

He still wants to build a wall along the US southern border with Mexico but he has emphasized in recent days a need to deal most urgently with illegal immigrants who commit crimes and also those who might be displacing African-American and Hispanic workers.

At a rally earlier in Tampa, Florida Wednesday, Mr. Trump did not talk about deporting as many as 11-M illegal immigrants as he has in the past, instead saying he would aim enforcement efforts at people who are committing crimes such as overstaying their visas.

“Hillary Clinton wants a totally open border so people can just pour in,” Donald Trump said. “We are going to enforce our laws, remove people who overstay their visas, dismantle the gangs and cartels, and protect jobs and benefits for hardworking American citizens.”

Donald Trump says that many minority groups have suffered under 50 years Democratic policies, particularly in inner cities. He vowed to make cities safer so that “when you walk down your street… you’re not going to be shot, your child is not going to be shot.”

Donald Trump said Thursday that he was not softening his stance on illegal immigration and that “there’s no path to legalization unless people leave the country.”

“There’s no path to legalization unless people leave the country,” the GOP nominee said in an interview after speaking to supporters in Manchester, NH. “When they come back in, they can start paying taxes.”

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2 Responses to "Donald Trump, “We are Going to Enforce our Laws on Immigration”"

  1. Erik Christiansen   August 26, 2016 at 5:26 am

    Trump supporters should know that he thinks you are stupid.

    In his speech, where he, not so subtly, called for you to assassinate Hillary, what did he call you?

    He called you “those second amendment people.”

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It isn’t just people who are passionate about their Second Amendment rights that he despises and disrespects. It’s all the voters that can be fooled into voting for him. Even if they oppose everything you hold dear, he wants their votes, no matter what it takes. Trump couldn’t care less about constitutional amendments, or constitutional law, or laws in general. He cares about Trump. And Trump’s above the law. He can ask a foreign intelligence service to “find” his opponent’s emails, or even suggest his supporters murder her, and there are no consequences. So, why should he be concerned?

    But remember, when he says that all he has to do is “mention the wall,” when you’re getting bored during a rally, or that he could murder someone and “not lose a single vote,” he’s talking about you, his “useful idiots.”

    And, speaking of immigration and “the wall,” what did he say?

    “I’ll build a great wall…” And make Mexico pay for it?

    Do you believe him? Does he think you are an idiot? Of course he does.

    I, on the other hand, don’t believe all Trump supporters are stupid. Some are merely ignorant of the facts.

    Ignorance and stupidity are dreadful maladies.

    One is treatable, the other is terminal.

    Now, let’s see those tax returns.

    • Paul Ebeling   August 26, 2016 at 7:58 am

      America needs and is calling for a strong Father leader. Donald Trump is that leader.

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