Donald Trump “Fine Tuning” His Campaign For The GOP Nomination

Donald Trump “Fine Tuning” His Campaign For The GOP Nomination

Donald Trump “Fine Tuning” His Campaign For The GOP Nomination

As Donald Trump enters the home stretch of his campaign for the Republican nomination for US President, he had engaged a new chief campaign strategist, Paul Manafort. And Mr. Manafort has recruited veterans of his lobbying firm for top spots in the Trump Presidential Campaign.

The newest additions to Donald Trump’s campaign include, Laurance Gay, Doug Davenport, Rick Gates, and Marc Palazzo all have professional ties to Mr. Manafort, a veteran expert in his field.

Messrs Gay, Davenport, and Gates did not respond to messages seeking comment about their roles with the campaign.

Marc Palazzo said that he has “known Paul Manafort for many, many years. I have great respect for him, and am confident in his ability to help Mr. Trump win the nomination.” He added that he met with Mr. Manafort last week to discuss the campaign, but noted that he is “not going to assume an official role with the campaign.”

Mr. Manafort’s new position to revamp the Trump Campaign has prompted questions about the role of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

And, since Mr. Manafort joined the Trump Campaign, Mr. Trump has made some notable changes.

In a news interview, when asked who was running the Trump Campaign, Mr. Manafort or Mr. Lewandowski? Donald Trump, Jr. responded “My father. My father is always running it.”

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