Donald Trump Fills WH Team with America’s Top Bankers

Donald Trump Fills WH Team with America’s Top Bankers

Donald Trump Fills White House Team with America’s Top Bankers


US President Elect Donald Trump filled 5 Key posts in his admin with current former Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) executives.

It’s a fact, billionaires know more about government…and they make up what is perhaps the most talented team in the history of the Presidency. As opposed to former President Barack Hussein Obama “Team”.

Highlighting Donald Trump’s Key pic of Goldman veterans, as follows:

  1. Steven Mnuchin, a former Partner at the bank, has been picked to be Secretary of the Treasury.
  2. Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn has been tapped for a top White House economic post.
  3. Stephen Bannon, another alumnus of the firm, has been named Chief Political Strategist.
  4. Goldman Partner Dina Powell has been selected to become a White House economic adviser.
  5. Jay Clayton, a Wall Street lawyer picked to head the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), represented Goldman in private practice.

Goldman Sachs stock has risen more than 30% since Donald Trump’s election.

One of the most respected economic gurus of our time not only applauded Donald Trump’s Goldman appointment, but also said Mr. Trump would be wise to appoint a supporting cast of free-market conservatives to his administration.

In Steve Forbes’ mind, Donald Trump has made just the right selections for those top posts.

“They’ve got to get some of these people in because the president can do so much but you got to have a supporting cast or at least some players in there who can push this agenda,” Steve Forbes said.

Among his picks, Mr. Forbes touted Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore for possible positions in the Trump Admin.

“I hope Larry Kudlow gets in perhaps as the head of the Council of Economic Advisers. Perfect post for him,” said Mr. Forbes.

“Stephen Moore, whether it’s in the White House or with Vice President-elect Pence. It is critical to have his voice in there,” said Mr. Forbes.

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