Donald Trump the Disrupter is a “Really Good Thing”

Donald Trump the Disrupter is a “Really Good Thing”

Donald Trump the Disrupter is a “Really Good Thing”

Donald Trump has just had a very good week.

The majority of the polls show him running even with Hillary Clinton nationwide and in Key swing states, like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Polls are not perfect, but they are telling us that the anti-Trump argument that Donald Trump and the Republican Party will be victims of a Hillary Clinton landslide is not going to happen.

In DC Thursday, the GOP leadership got to know Donald Trump, and for US House Speaker Paul Ryan it was a chance to talk policy with the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee.

And now we are seeing senior Republicans deciding that it is better to align with Donald Trump than not, helping guide him to becoming a stronger candidate than his is already.

Speaker Ryan told the media that he could not decide everything in a 45-min meeting. But he suggested the GOP “unity” process is advancing. Mr. Ryan’s Lieutenants in the House, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Greg Walden have endorsed Donald Trump, as has Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the Senate.

So, a “friendly understanding” looms.

Messrs Ryan and Trump can have a friendly relationship even while they disagree on some policies.

Donald Trump is not going to give up his economic populism or his America-First foreign policy. He represents  himself as the voice for the American middle-class. He is a disrupter, an outsider.

When elected US President expect him to follow through in Washington, he will “Make America Great Again”

Trumpeting for Trump

Paul Ebeling

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