Donald Trump Destroys Lie’n Ted Cruz In NY, CA & PA

Donald Trump Destroys Lie’n Ted Cruz In NY, CA & PA

Donald Trump Destroys Lie’n Ted Cruz In NY, CA & PA

Donald Trump said Lie’n Ted Cruz does not have a shot at winning the GOP’s nomination.

Donald Trump, in rallies before several thousand people Saturday in Syracuse and Watertown, fired home his message of jobs and the economy. He also kept alive his intense feud with the Republican establishment, warning the party may face a “Tough July” when it holds its convention in Cleveland.

The GPO Presidential front-runner accused Ted Cruz of having “Hate in his Heart” when he disparaged New York values during a debate days before the Iowa caucuses.

As for John Kasich, Donald Trump pointed to his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement while the Ohio Governor was a member of Congress, saying NAFTA was a major factor in destroying former manufacturing economies in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“I’m sorry folks –- you have only got Trump,” he told a huge crowd gathered in an airport hangar in Watertown.

Donald Trump was blunt about his doubts regarding Ted Cruz’s chances of securing the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination on the first ballot.

“I’ve got 22 states. What does he have? Nine? He’s got no road to the nomination in my opinion,” Trump said. “After this weekend when he gets wiped out in New York –- which he will -– he no longer has a road to the nomination.”

Taking aim at the Republican National Committee (RNC) earlier in the day during a rally at a convention center in Syracuse, Mr. Trump warned of a “Rigged System” that he said was attempting to deny him the nomination despite having more votes than any other candidate.

“We have a movement going on like they’ve never seen before,” Trump said of his campaign. “The only way they can stop this movement is if we don’t do a good job on Tuesday.

“The Republican National Committee better get going because they are going to have a tough July with that convention,” he said. “The system is all rigged.”

New Yorkers voting in the Republican primary will award 95 delegates Tuesday in what may be a Key test of whether Trump can clinch the nomination on the 1st ballot.

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